Pinterest Fail (A.K.A. Fun With Chemical Fires )

Obviously I like to get creative. Like everyone, though, I have definite crafting fails. Today I am going to share my favorite (as in most dramatic) crafting blunder.

I’m a big Pinterest fan. It is the perfect place to organize and store ideas, and get new ones! Last Summer, I came across a Pin that captivated me instantly.

This was the intriguing photo:


Here is a ‘soap cloud’ and you can find the original tutorial (which is awesome) here. It looked like such a fun and easy idea, and I knew it would occupy the kids for a while, so I needed to try it out!


I got my bar of ivory soap ready…


put it in the microwave, and waited for the magic to happen.

It started off pretty neat!


It doubled in size, I just needed to wait for it to get BIGGER and FLUFFIER!


But it didn’t… so naturally, I kept microwaving it…


And then it lit on fire. Like, real fire.

And I’m sure you can imagine the horrible smell/smoke that filled my house!

I should have taken pictures of the amount of smoke there was. Actually I shouldn’t have. That would have been an even bigger fail haha. “Mom there’s a fire in the kitchen!” “Obviously! That’s why I have my camera out!”


I took the extinguished plate to the sink to cool it down. My expectations were dashed… but after the soap cooled down and the flame was tamed, I thought I’d see if my son would still be somewhat impressed…


He was not.

He was all, ‘Mom, what the heck?” Um.. you’re the one wearing pink spandex, kiddo!

Yes he went through a pink spandex phase. And I let him- not to make any type of statement, but because I couldn’t bring myself to care. And I don’t have television, so I need all the entertainment I can get, right?

I do plan on attempting this neat idea again- I guess microwaving chemicals for kids can be kind of hit-or-miss. But instead of blaming the original idea-sharer for the fact that it didn’t work out, I think I will blame the fact that my soap was really, really old. And I suck at following instructions. My sister tried this and it worked great for her!

Well, I have plenty more crafting fails in my vault, so perhaps this isn’t the last you’ll see of my screw-ups! Of course you remember this beauty:

snail fail

When I fail, I fail good. Bad. Whatever.

Happy Crafty Yearning and Chemical Burning!


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2 Responses to Pinterest Fail (A.K.A. Fun With Chemical Fires )

  1. Annie says:

    Lololololol. Seems so dangerous! I’m tempted to try it! Also the snail fail looks even worse in the photo all draped over your hand…. Makes me think of snail mucus.

  2. Rose says:

    Reminds me of our biodiesel making experiments. Ahhhh! We burnt a big spot on our grass and just barely missed our skin.

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