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Where Creativity and A.D.D. meet…on a blind date…under a bridge…and make a baby.

In The Beginning

Originally posted on Fauna and Flora:
It all started on Instagram. It occurred to me the other day, that while the premise of this blog is obvious, I’ve never revealed the genesis. For starters, I work with Flora’s Auntie. We’ve…

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Button Bugs!

My 10 year old daughter, and my 8 year old niece were in a crafty kind of mood, so I suggested… button art. Obviously. They were pretty darn excited! This was going to be a bit different than our usual … Continue reading

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Creative Blog-Hop!

Hi guys! A friend nominated me to take part in this fun blog hop, where I answer some questions and pass you along to some other cool creators! Thanks so much to the loverly and talented Bri from Baubles and … Continue reading

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