Tonsil Bear

It’s the 4 year anniversary of starting this blog, so I thought I’d share one of my first (and fave- and creepiest!) posts! ENJOY 😉

Busted Button

Yup… Tonsil bear.

So, my best buddy’s daughter is getting her tonsils removed tomorrow. I thought to myself, “I will make her a care package.” And then my imagination took a wrong turn, as usual.

Meet Thomas:

Thomas is a lovely bear I got from my enormous re-gift pile the expensive store down the road. He went through a journey that most stuffies wont ever have to go through…


And I aint talkin’ Botox. I’m talkin’ total reconstructive mouth surgery. And a tonsillectomy while I’m at it.

First cut open his face below his original mouth along the bottom seam. (I’m writing this in tutorial form- AS THOUGH ANYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET IS EVER GOING TO DO THIS.)

Then get some red felt. I got mine from walmart. I wish I got it from Here, though, cuz it is the best felting blog ever, but instead I…

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