Button Bugs!

My 10 year old daughter, and my 8 year old niece were in a crafty kind of mood, so I suggested… button art. Obviously. They were pretty darn excited! This was going to be a bit different than our usual button art, though, because I snagged these sweet kits from my fave button people of all time: ButtonLovers.com

photo 1

I was super excited to have the girls test these out! And they didn’t mind me taking photos of their process, because I told them they would basically be famous… heh heh heh. 

So follow along with us, I can’t wait to show you their final pieces (which I think are even better than the package photos hehe, proud Mom/Auntie over here!) 

photo 2

Okay, so each kit comes with everything you need, except for some plain old crafty glue. These kits use buttons AND beads which is kind of fun, and if you want to make sure the background isn’t peeking through, it’s a lot easier than just layering buttons like I do, though it creates a different kind of look. 

These kits come with SUPER SIMPLE instructions, which I absolutely love. 

photo 4

Ohhhh they sure had fun!!!

photo 1

So much fun. Look at them go! Gluing their first layer of buttons. I should mention that I didn’t help them with these- they just went with it. Seriously- I was just sitting with them, taking photos and snapchatting such masterpieces as this:


ANYWAYS, back to the reason for the season:

photo 2

Look at them intently filling in the spaces with beads!! That butterfly gets bonus points for actually being symmetrical! She was like ‘Mom… the butterfly on the package is WRONG!” Ha Ha! She is passionate about animal sciences! 

Okay, and after an hour, they were done! An hour was a good amount of time for these gals, but might make for a few sittings or some assistance if you were working with little kiddos. 

photo 4

Voila!!! Well done, ladies, and Thanks again ButtonLovers.com for creating such awesome kits! 

butterfly mercie pic

You can get these yourselves over at Joann.com! Here is a link for the Ladybug, and one for the Butterfly

For more awesome button ideas, be sure to follow me on Facebook

AND go give ButtonLovers a LIKEY LIKE from me too! 

Happy Buttoning :D


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Creative Blog-Hop!

Hi guys! A friend nominated me to take part in this fun blog hop, where I answer some questions and pass you along to some other cool creators! Thanks so much to the loverly and talented Bri from Baubles and Blessings for inviting me to join her! 

What am I working on?

Well, mainly I am working on keeping my kids alive, and myself sane, and it is working out for the most part. 

Creative-wise, at this moment, I am working on two paintings! 

Firstly I am creating one of my Four Seasons Button Trees:


This baby will be up for sale during The Northern Collective‘s September sale on the 2nd! If you haven’t checked out TNC you are missing out! 

And secondly, I have started the background for a painting like these:



I am leaving the animals off for now, because I want to sell this as a customizable painting! You pick the animals and the number of them :D 

This custom painting will be up for auction over at The Whimsy Willows, which is an awesome group of crafters, who are having me sell with them every second thursday of the month! So on Sept 11, pop in to bid if you’d like a custom family button tree painting :D 

How does my creative process work?

Well, firstly I get inspired, which often happens while I am sleeping, or showering, which are the only times I have time to think in a day! I then proceed to procrastinate ‘important’ tasks, like attacking the unending pile of autism paperwork for my boys, or cleaning, and get to work as soon as my 5 little munchkins are in bed!  Next I get in the zone, and just create- like God- growing trees, and naming animals. What fun! Okay I’m not really like God, but a girl can dream, right? 

This is a continuous blog hop hosted by different artists/bloggers every week. In the next week or so, I’ll be passing the torch to two of my absolute fave Canadian crafters! Kristy over at Honey Lime Designs, and Jody over at Penguin and Owl Acres! 

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Rainbow Fruit Popsicles and Other Frozen Delights

I am POPPING in to quickly share some of my favorite popsicle recipes (so far)! Last year I got this cool popsicle mold late in the summer, so I didn’t have too long to experiment before the air became as cold as these treats, but here are my favorite 4 recipes I came up with! (Warning, I take bad photos, and don’t have the focus abilities to learn to do it right, so bear with me! Haha!)

This one was by far the most delicious and impressive-looking:

1063601_4644909175677_1498598045_nI just used homemade fruit purees and layered them in either the popsicle tray, or a  silicone freezer tray that came with my Baby Bullet- I thought that made such cute popsicles! For the fruit purees, I just took strawberries, oranges, orange juice, kiwis, and blueberries, and blended up small amounts of each, with a bit of water, to get a pourable consistency.

Then I poured in the first color, popped it in the freezer for 20 minutes, inserted the popsicle stick, and added the next color! I put that in the freezer for 20 minutes, and repeated the process for all the layers until it was all a magical frozen mass.

In order to keep the sticks upright in the baby bullet container, I just made a ‘lid’ out of tin foil, and pushed the sticks through the top!

It took a little bit of time and planning, but was worth it for this cool rainbow effect!

The NEXT awesome popsicle creation I came up with were these delish Root Beer Float Popsicles:

999014_358788084247836_1088639971_nAll I did for these ones is mix coconut milk with root beer!!! Easy peasy and extra yummy! Dairy-free too, which is excellent for my kids and their sensitive tummies.

Here is another popsicle idea that was a hit with the kids:

1468_358499547610023_659645852_nI just mixed berries with sweetened coconut milk and they turned out great! Man, some of these ‘recipes’ are non-recipes they are so simple haha!

Ohmagosh, this next one is SO GOOD though:

860307_359100574216587_376546199_oHEALTHY Orange Creamsicle Popsicles!

I took equal parts of sweetened coconut milk (You could use unsweetened and add honey or stevia if you roll like that) and orange juice, then I added a few drops of orange extract and some vanilla extract. I stuck some mandarine orange slices in there too, but it was a bit weird, though the kids liked it!

I’m sure I will be creating more and better popsicle recipes soon, so check back for more!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your ‘popsicolds’ as my kids call them ;)

PS. I don’t get to blogging too much with all these kids crawling on my face etc constantly, so please feel free to visit me on other internet outlets that require less focus, such as




and even Twitter now (Fallon Tonight replied to one of my first Tweets!!! semi- #starstruck over here Haha.)




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