Auction for Mosaic Learning Society!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by :) I am taking a break from tutorials for a second to talk about something verrrry important!!!


I want to share about a big online auction that just went live and is running until April 15th! After all, April is Autism awareness month! This fundraiser will support Mosaic Learning Society, which offers educational, social, and fine arts programs for children and youth on the autism spectrum.  Created by families for families, Mosaic provides innovative programs in adaptive environments to foster growth and confidence in all of the children they support.

My 9 year old son has severe autism, is non verbal, and has many challenges that come with his disability,  but that didn’t stop him from creating something for the auction:


I am blubbering all over my keyboard as I share this- Asher has been so blessed by Mosaic and the incredible support they offer. Sure, I helped him with the details of this painting, but I am so proud of him for getting his hands dirty (literally) to create such a beautiful piece. Here is a sweet video of him working on it:

This auction features a student art section (scroll down!), and the talent displayed seriously gives me goosebumps! All of the kids who take part in Mosaic’s Education program have created the most amazing original artwork to share with us! Great job everyone!!!

I have donated a couple of my original button paintings to support this great cause, and there are SO many other items you can bid on! Along with my elephant family painting, you can snag yourself this happy little number:

10887248_849868035055983_6618017867710289449_oA few of my favourite artists and crafters have donated special items too!


From left to right:

Honey Lime Designs, Turtlekeeper Designs, Somewhere in Dreamland, The Hollow Root, Love and Farkles, Matt Ferguson Photography, Wooly Topic, and Nana-Made-Me Dolls.

Thank you all for donating to such a valuable cause!! HERE is the auction link once more for good measure- there is something for everyone!

Thanks again for stopping by my page! Feel free to browse around- I have lots of nifty tutorials and recipes hanging around :)

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Happy Autism Awareness month!





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12 Button Art Tutorials

Let’s hear it for buttons! These small pieces of majesty may seem simple at first glance, but they really are the perfect crafting medium! There is something nostalgic about buttons, and if they don’t just make you happy took look at them, I’d wager that your heart has turned black. Well, fear not, for you can try one of my button projects, and it will instantly heal you.

Here are my 12 most popular button art tutorials! Be sure to follow me on Facebook if you want more nifty ideas, which I pump out almost as fast as babies ;)

1- Button Elephant


2- The Little [Button] Mermaid


3- Button Bugs

button bugs

4- Button Rainbow


5- Button Fire Truck


6- Button Cupcakes


7- Button Tree Bag


8- Button ‘Up’ Balloon House


9- Butterfly Button Branch (Blending Tutorial)


10- Antiqued Button Tree Painting


11- Button Christmas Tree


And for dessert…



Well there you have a dozen buttony projects to put on your To Do list :D

I hope you enjoy your crafty time, and please pretty please share your finished products with me on my Facebook Page, because I LOOOOVE to see what you create, and share it with the world!

Happy Buttoning!



Thanks Reeja Roo’s Fibreworks for my fave button hat <3

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2015 New Years 1080p Resolution

Busted Button:

My hubby blogs over at The Night Of The Living Dad :D

Originally posted on The Night of the Living Dad:

I was looking at this beautiful calendar my daughter bought me for Christmas when I realized it’s about the right time to be fashionably late for coming up with a New Year’s Resolution.


I was scrolling through some old posts of mine (yes, I really am that vain) when I realized that I really enjoyed writing them. So I says to myself, “Galen, old boy, you should start writing these more often. What the cuss, why not make a resolution of it to write at least one post a week?” So that’s the plan. Not every post will be long, but at least once a week something is going to happen on this blog. Anyone who is anyone will be clamoring to know what is up to. Wish me luck!
Also check out this mii fighter I made of myself on Super Smash Bros for WiiU. Check back soon…

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