Kids’ Craft Challenge!!

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I love a good contest, and I love any excuse to get the kids crafting! Do you have crafty kids??? :)

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We keep saying we’re all about supporting arts and crafts and handmade love in the community, and our children are no exception!  What better way to wind down the summer than putting your children’s little brains to use creating?  For added inspiration we’ve decided to make it a contest!


So here are the rules:

There are 3 age categories:  5 and under, 6-9 and 10 and over.  You and your child come up with a craft that’s geared towards a child in one of those categories.  Write up the instructions for us and email them along with a picture of your finished product to by Friday August 21st.  Be sure to include the age and name of your child.  You can come up with as many crafts as you like in as many categories as you like.

On August 24th we will post the instructions on our blog as…

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Calling all Crafty Bastards

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Are you a Crafty McCrafterson? Apply to be a part of this awesome team!

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We’re looking for fun, motivated handmade artists to join our Crafty Bastard team!  We have a private group on Facebook where we can share inspiration and ideas with like minded people and every once in a while host a sale for the public.  If you’re interested in being a member, please fill out the following application and email it to us ASAP.


Crafty Bastards Application

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The Crafty Bastards Guide to Starting your own Crafting Business

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So many of you have asked me for tips on how to start your own crafty business! Well here are the best tips ever, thanks to the Crafty Bastards!

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It’s the curse of the crafter. You’ve found something you love to make.  First you make it for yourself.  Next thing you know you make some for friends.  Then before you know it your home is overflowing with macramé plant holders, but you still have the urge to create them.  And more of them!!  Your friends all say, “hey Susan!  You should TOTALLY sell these!”, and you think “nah, nobody would buy macramé plant holders… I’m just doing it for fun”.  So you casually peruse Etsy (while still making macramé plant holders, of course) and realize that tons of people are selling macramé plant holders and yours are actually better!!

So you want to open your own shop (and we hope that you do!). The Bastards have come up with a little bit of advice, based solely on what’s worked for us over the years (and what hasn’t). …

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