Chocolate Buttons

I am making cupcakes for my kiddo’s 10th birthday, and was reminded of this post! Check out these delicious and simple toppers for the best cupcakes ever!

Busted Button

I threw a baby shower for one of my good friends the other day, and I needed to make some cuppycakes. Not just any cuppycakes either…



Well, I guess they’re more like chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream, but I think the chocolate button decorations steal the show 😉

(Thanks for the great photo, Jody!)

Look at these precious morsels! (it took 5 tries for me to spell ‘morsels’ properly, FYI.)

Since I am not a baker, I will only be offering a chocolate button tutorial here, BUT if you want some of the most AMAZING and impressive cakey tutorials, you must check out my pal Melissa’s stuff over at Buttercream Couture.

Now- back to the buttons!

I picked up a couple of button molds when I was on a cake-making adventure with Mrs. Buttercream Couture, and I couldn’t wait to put them to use! You can buy this…

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Paper Wreath & Button Trees

Happy Holidays! I have popped in to share about a couple of crafts I made recently!

photo 5-2

IT’S SNOWINGGGGGGGGG!!!!! Button snow anyways… so I had to celebrate with some Christmas crafty action.

I made this simple paper wreath, and will share my tutorial in a sec. I also created these paper trees that I found in an old Martha Stewart magazine! Let me see if I can find the instructions online… HERE they are  🙂 They are so charming and simple. I just traced different sized dishes and cut them out to get my circles. One day I will have Martha’s circle cutter! (HINT HINT HUSBAND.) I also used straws to hold them together, not skewers, and I skipped the trunk.


Next I  whipped up my first button tree ornaments of the season! These are so nifty and simple to make- give them a try! Here’s how I did it:

Fold 10″ of beading wire in half, and twist the loop end a few times to create the hanger. Slide a bead (the star) up to the loop, then add buttons through both wires(use diagonally-facing holes if you are using 4-hole buttons) going from smallest to largest. I use about 12-13 buttons for this step. To make the tree stump, slide about 5 smaller brown buttons on the wires, and to finish it off, simply twist the two end wires together, cut it to leave about 1-2 centimeters, then roll it up like a snail, hiding it under the bottom button. So, give them a try and don’t forget to Share your photos with me on Facebook or Instagram!

Now, on to the more detailed wreath instructions.

photo 4-5

I am just SO pleased with how this project turned out! It really didn’t take long, considering there is a bit of cutting to do! I have seen paper leaf wreaths around, but not with 3-D leaves and sweet button berries, so I took pictures as I created, so I could share them with you!


First things first, you are going to need some leaves! The size can vary depending on how big you want your wreath to be. It is a very simple shape, so once you create one you like, you can use it as a template. I just cut out a few at a time from an assortment of green scrapbook paper that I had kicking around. Then I pinched and folded the leaves at one end. This doesn’t need to be perfect because the bottoms of the leaves should be hidden for the most part.


Once the leaves were cut and folded, I started to hot glue them like so onto a cardboard ring.

photo 2-16

Once I went all the way around the ring, I started to add a final layer of leaves in the middle (to cover the blank spaces I am pointing at in the above photo).

photo 3-7

It was very pretty after this step, and would work well as a summer or spring wreath,  but it definitely needed something for the season!

photo 4-5

I used more hot glue & added a simple paper bow and embellished the wreath with button berries. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I originally didn’t think of using buttons until my daughter heard me thinking out loud,  “Hmmmmm what do I have that’s red, small, and round? Mercie! Do you have any red beads?” She laughed at me and handed me a jar of buttons. OF COURSE! Seriously, my brain is fried these days. The 5 kids are eating my brain. Good thing they’re cute 😉


Oops I dropped a family photo here. Haha! I love us. Here we are at Swan Lake with our Autism Support Dog, Landon (Who happens to have his own Facebook and Instagram pages, so be sure to follow him to see how much he has benefited our 10 year old son, who has autism and is profoundly disabled.)

Photo cred: Matt Ferguson Photography (He is the best, and doesn’t usually do portraits, but takes in.cred.i.ble shots of Beautiful British Columbia!

Well, this might be my only Tutorial until the new year, but please do check out my Christmas category on here- there are lots of fun and delicious holiday projects for you to create!

If you want to see what I am up to, I over-share on Instagram, share fun ideas over on Facebook, and am followed by Gordon Ramsay over on Twitter! (Pardon the shameless bragging.) So come give me a follow! I really appreciate your support, and hope you have a great, and stress-free holiday season!

Happy Crafting 🙂



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Lest We Forget: What Remembrance Day Means to Me.

Remembrance day is tomorrow, and I wanted to share what it means to me, and how much art can connect people all over the world.

A few years ago I painted this for my dad, and what happened next was something I could have never expected.


I envisioned a paper airplane in the sky while I was creating this. I feel it symbolizes innocence and the memory of war. The poppies are mourning, bowing their heads.

Now, let me introduce you to my Grandfather.


My dad’s dad, Clifford Battison Murray, died in World War II. Here is a write up about my Grandfather and his aircrew that went down on Feb 20 1944:

He was Pilot 2. It’s so crazy to see how young most of these men were when they made such a huge sacrifice! My Grandfather was only 26 and his wife had just had her second child, my dad, a few months before- he didn’t even get to meet his new baby.


At the time that I first posted about Remembrance Day, My little brother had just finished up his basic training. Now he is a Combat Engineer, and I still can’t help but think about what other young men seem to be doing with their lives. I understand that not everyone feels they should be in the military, but thinking about my grandfather, and reading about all the people who gave up so much just so they could liberate others is really intense. It sure is a lot different than prestiging in Call of Duty.

So, what happened after I gave my dad this painting?


After I posted about this painting 3 years ago, I was contacted by someone who was claiming to be a relative. This was very strange and exciting for me, because we were not in contact with or aware of hardly any relatives growing up. He found me because I linked the Aircrew Remembrance Society, who shared the above story of my grandfather, in my blog post. The ACRS added my painting to their site, and a long-lost cousin who was doing some family tree research happened upon it. He was able to contact this girl who claimed to be Clifford Battison Murray’s granddaughter, and since then, I’ve been so blessed to meet so many relatives from around the world.  I’ve become really close with my new cousins, and they even share my love of buttons, crafts, humour, science and food!!!!!! How exciting is that?


A friend who’s husband is a Veteran contacted me about doing a custom painting- she collected his Royal Canadian Air Force buttons from his uniforms and wanted me to create something special for him. Per Ardua Ad Astra (“Through adversity to the stars”) is the moto of the RCAF. I painted this Air Force blue and of course, I added some poppies under the tree. Now THAT is one special button tree. It was an honor to paint this one!

fan art

Here is a painting that a fan from Pakistan did using my ‘how to paint poppies’ tutorial. This was their first acrylic painting! Awesome, hey? Thanks for sharing, Tasneem!

Well, thanks for reading, and I hope you will be spending some time remembering the sacrifices made by many brave people tomorrow.

❤ Dot

I will end this post with my favourite Remembrance Day quote:

Our battlefields, safe in the keeping

Of Nature’s kind, fostering care,

Are blooming, our heroes are sleeping,

And peace broods perennial there. ~ John H. Jewett

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