Cuppy Cakes

I made some cupcakes for a bake sale today! I baked em in some cute lil “patty pans” that my friend brought me back from Australia- Aren’t they the cutest???

This pretty cupcake needed something equally as pretty to sit on. So I made a little stand out of an Ikea plate and a glass candle holder I got from Value Village. I used some E6000 to stick em together- and there is the easiest, cutest stand that 2 dollars and 3 minutes of hard work can get you!

The funds made from the bake sale are going towards trying to bring this to Victoria to help raise awareness and abolish human trafficking .

Well that was a boring/serious  post… I will make up for it with an awesome Valentine’s day tutorial about bacon roses … and this link to Buttercream Couture- She makes THE PRETTIEST cuppy cakes and wedding cakes and cookies you have ever seen 🙂

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3 Responses to Cuppy Cakes

  1. Anonymous says:

    just so you know, you ginger-chocolate and orange-creamsicle cupcakes gave me the HUGGEST zit i’ve had since high school!!!! right on my cheek. i guess that’s what 8 cupcakes does…

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