Robin’s Egg Blue (Preparing for the arrival of my new computer)

You know when you’re 8 months pregnant and you go into crazy organization preparation mode??? ‘Nesting’, as they call it, is a pretty productive phenomenon, and I wish I could harness its magical powers when I am NOT 8 months pregnant…but I never could…until now…

I am computer- nesting. I’m not even kidding. Since kid #2 worked his autism on my precious laptop a few weeks ago, I’ve been trying to sell as many paintings as possible to save up for a new mac, because anything else is pointless computer. Well, the time is drawing near, and in anticipation, I’ve cleared a perfect (kid-proof) spot for my new baby, and have been motivated to make this space feel more fresh and relaxing.

I AM INTERUPTING THIS POST TO SHARE that I just needed to google ‘are tulips poisonous to humans?’… seems like kid #2 not only enjoys eating computers, but foliage as well! >:S

ANYWAYS… they are probably not poisonous… carrying on…

So I found a new blanket that is the perfect color, and I decided to work my ‘decorrrrr’ around that.

First things first I had to trade my old art for new art! So I created this oak branch piece that I posted the other day. And now I’ll share with you this pretty little button tree, that features antique white buttons:

My room had red accents for the last few years and, even though I’m in love with red, it was time for a change…I want my newest addition to the family to feel at peace while he (or she- you know they don’t tell you the gender anymore) is hard at work.

While I was at it, I took a red frame and painted it the same blue color, and embellished it with some more special buttons:

What a haaaannnndddsome family photo ;P

I might just have to post some before-and-after pictures of my room…although I am kind of embarrassed about my old decor…

It reminds me of a 48 year old from the ’90s who is an old-trying-to-be-young ‘rocker’ mom, who uses the word ‘funky’ when she really shouldn’t. No, that cropped shirt with a sunflower on it really isn’t ‘funky’.

Well, that is the art aspect of my room done! Today I am picking up an antique chair thats been painted white and upholstered with black and white toile, and a little white desk- thanks to UsedVictoria! And now I am basically starting to feel the contractions starting…my precious baby is going to be here soon. I want my freaking computer.

Have a good day, I have to go pick out birth announcements >:)


AAAAAAAAAAaaand I’m back! I couldn’t wait to set up my little computer area in my room- and now I can’t wait to share it with you!

OOOoooh isn’t it perfect?!?!? I’m so excited to sit at it with my glorious new computer!!! Note the lamp I painted and made a matching toile shade for. I will post a tutorial on that one soon 🙂

My little nook can’t wait to house the new baby…soon enough, nook, soon enough.

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4 Responses to Robin’s Egg Blue (Preparing for the arrival of my new computer)

  1. I remember commenting on how awesome your room was…now I’m embarassed too 😦 And to prevent future embarassment I will not comment on the awesomeness of this room!

    I love your new button decor though and i’m sure your Mac will be very happy there, if not Mr. Mac can live with me!

  2. Don Murray says:

    Going for the Imac? It’s perfect for RECORDING!

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