Wordless Wednesday (I CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR!)

Bird in the branch of a rainbow button tree. (SHOOT I used words!)

Okay, I can’t handle not using words. I got my hair chopped off last night! Here is an over-exposed overly vampirish photo! I have the best hair dresser in the world. Her name is Paola and she is at Carreiro Salon (downtown Victoria). Set up an apt! Do it! 920.5710

Short hair is so fun! I was all paranoid that I’d look like a soccer mom when I rolled out of bed in the morning, but I totally didn’t! 😀

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7 Responses to Wordless Wednesday (I CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR!)

  1. Amber says:

    I looooovvvvvveee it!!!! You look amazing!! To be honest, your hair was already short in my head….I willed it that way! And now you match my dreams!! Hehe. So freakin loverly!!!

  2. I love your new hair! I wish I could pull off short hair but I end up looking like my brother…

  3. alicorn2 says:

    You said downtown Victoria — Victoria, BC? Or another Victoria? (Just followed a link to your blog from somewhere else entirely – love the seasons tree)

    • Hi there! thanks for stoppin by 😉 yuppers- victoria BC! you from around here? 🙂

      • alicorn2 says:

        I am indeed! I guess I should have paid attention to which site referred me to your blog, as it was a Victoria one as well 😉 I’m all over the internets though so I don’t always pay attention to how I end up somewhere.

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