Decorate Your Drawers

I got some great storage drawers from a friendo the other day, and though I loved them with all my heart and couldn’t wait to fill them with treasure, I couldn’t bare to look at them:

I know, I know, yer probably thinking “those are divine little drawers.” Just kidding, who says ‘divine’ anymore? Well, I needed these drawers to be more exciting. So check out what I did- this little design would look divine great on any old piece of furniture that needs sprucing up, and as usual, it is EASSSYYYYY.

First I painted a branch up the side and leaning onto the front of the drawers. For some tips on painting branches, check out this tutorial.

Then I mixed up a bit of paint on my new (old) plate I just bought.

A.D.D. side note: I have only ever had plain white Corelle dishes. That’s what my mom had, and that’s what I have… I’ve been looking for the perfect dish set for 11 years and have never found it! BUT thanks to my pal secret lover Pinterest, I have started a glorious collection! Check out this great idea!!!! So, whenever I’m at a thriftstore, I check out the dish section and if any plates catch my eye, I snap em up. In a few months I’ll have myself a perfect mis-matched dish set!


So, I took a rounded paint brush and dabbed it like so to form some petals.

And then I dabbed some more.

Finally, I painted some gold into the center of the flowers, and voila! An easy and quick way to spruce up anything really…like a bookshelf, or a dresser, or a blenderrrr…the sky’s the limit 😉

This needed something to finish it off though…

There. A little tea set. Well with that and the cherry blossoms, I feel like I’m in Japan. Now I have a hankering to go eat sushi whilst enjoying this little number!

Happy sprucing, or “spruce-upping” as they called it back at Princeton.

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2 Responses to Decorate Your Drawers

  1. so pretty!!! I wonder if I could do that to my cabinet…. let me rephrase that…. I wonder if I could make my cabinet look as pretty as this one???…. maybe a project for this weekend 😉

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