(Semi)-Wordless Wednesday: As Bright As A Rainbow

This button rainbow makes me really happy:

You can make your own too! Check out my tutorial Here.

It is bright and fun, and makes my heart skip 4 beats, just like these kids do:

Link Nighthawk

Captain Friday

Asher Thrasher

Mercie Danger

Well it was about time I bragged about my awesome kids 😉

I’m gonna have to add another one to this equation…

Happy booty-shaking and baby-making!






About Busted Button

Where Creativity and A.D.D. meet…on a blind date…under a bridge…and make a baby.
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5 Responses to (Semi)-Wordless Wednesday: As Bright As A Rainbow

  1. gail says:

    Haha cute!

  2. Helen Love says:

    After a truly terrible week, your button rainbow has cheered me up no end!!! Can’t wait to get in and make one!

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