Thrift Shop Thursdays!

I have decided that my uncanny ability to find the strangest treasures at second-hand stores needs to be shared. And since ‘thrift shop’ starts with a ‘th’, Thursday is the day I will show off my incredibly interesting (and sometimes very odd) loot!

Let’s start with one of my favorite pieces of art. I stumbled upon this a few months back and I almost didn’t buy it! I can be such a fool sometimes! Observe:


Oh, ya know, just a dental scene made out of clockworks!

Look at him, poised with his pliers. (My eyes are watering right now just looking at this- I hate the dentist so much that I would rather give birth naturally than get my teeth worked on. I’m not kidding.)

And this painting didn’t help with my dental detest at all. OH IT’S JUST A DRIPPING SYRINGE, NO BIG DEAL!

At first I thought this piece was done by some young art student who was into “steam punk”, but I was very surprised by what I found on the back of the frame:

Oh! Good thing it has a WORLD WIDE copyright! I was just about to make the exact same picture! So apparently this “L. Kersh of London” was using clockworks like I use buttons! He made a lot of these bad boys- Here are some more of his pieces. This one is by far the best. It is just so…strange. And at 7 bucks, it was a steal!

OH!- I just noticed that there is a phone number on there! In the morning I am DEFINITELY calling it! I will report back!

This piece isn’t really in the best condition- I think they could have used some bubble wrap at one time or another. Speaking of which, I just spent a good 15 minutes popping that stuff. So satisfying.

Well enough of that oddness, check out these cool glass containers I found:

There are a few things I know about these bad boys: They are really old, really heavy, and really red. I can’t figure out exactly what they would have been used for, but I’m thinking some kind of tincture. I had to have em- they were only a dollar each! If anyone knows what they are for, please let me know! They aren’t very big, and the glass stopper is very heavy.

Well, that’s all I’m gonna share from my haul today! I look forward to introducing you to even more of my strange treasures! I just had a very successful thrift shop trip this evening- next week I promise you will be intrigued.

Happy second-hand shopping and bubble wrap-popping!



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7 Responses to Thrift Shop Thursdays!

  1. nat. says:

    wow best art ever!!!!! I woulda snatched that bad boy up too

  2. Melody says:

    omg. As a fellow treasure hunter, I think I’m gonna like Thrift Shop Thursdays! 🙂

  3. i thought youd appreciate that one nat!

  4. Amandita says:

    Oooh, I’m gonna enjoy thrift shop Thursday! Keep it up 🙂

  5. carrie says:

    So awesome! Thrift shop thursday! Best idea ever!!

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