Thrift Shop Thursdays: Animal By-Products

This week I am SO incredibly excited to show you another treasure I picked up at a thrift shop. Imagine, if you will, innocently hunting down the aisles, when all of a sudden you happen upon this:

Mystery box.

I knew it was gonna be good. I just got that feeling. I call it my “treasure-sense”, and it was tingling. What did I find when I opened the lid? Observe:

I’d like to introduce you to my box of mink tails. Yup.

Needless to say, I bought them. It was at an awesome thrift shop here in Victoria called Pickers. Pickers is cool because it is like a gigantic disorganized garage sale of awesomeness.  You grab a pile of what you want, and when you are ready to buy your loot they give you a price, which is always very reasonable. The only negative thing about them is that you have to be careful of the random 70’s nude magazines that are floating around randomly LOL. Strange indeed.

Don’t ask why, but I totally thought these tails would be expensive. They were a dollar. The staff were probably like “Oh, jeez, lets just throw these out…Oh wait, I bet some crazy lady will pay a dollar for em hahaha.” Well I did, and I am not a lady.

I just knew I could use them for something! I still haven’t figured out the perfect use yet, but for now, they make a sooooper creepy beautiful centerpiece:

Just gorgeous. Imagine these at a wedding! Just kidding, don’t do that. In fact, to get your mind off of these tails, check out these insane retro shoes I found:

So nifty, hey?

And I will finish off this post with an AWESOME pattern:

Someone, please make this for me! And teach me how to get that natural volume in this little girl’s hair!!!

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Thrift Shop Thursday! Happy treasure hunting, and if you see any second-hand animal by-products, let me know 😉


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4 Responses to Thrift Shop Thursdays: Animal By-Products

  1. Those are not shoes, they are stilts.

  2. Ariel says:

    I HAD THAT SWEATER!!!!!! my G-ma made it for me SO awesome!!!!!

  3. carrie says:

    Bahahah. So weird. Those shoes are totally cool though!

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