Thrift Shop Thursday: Buried Treasure

Today I have a pretty interesting haul to show off. There is some real unique treasure coming up, but first let me share something I didn’t buy and regretted 2 weeks ago. Luckily for me, it was still kicking around tonight! He was just waiting for me, I know it!

Check out this awesome turtle pot holder- it’s made out of bottle caps!!!!

I found a neat little tutorial on how to make one here. I am jealous of anyone who has the patience and focus to crochet or knit. I’ve attempted it several times and every time I try I get worse. If you think I’m being modest, check out this awesome photo of a baby hat I made when I was preggo the last time:

I know I named my kid after an elf, and he subsequently wound up being a shrimp, but how would this stay on anyone’s head?! I think I’ll stick to buttoning 😉

Anyways, back to the treasure!

So, this one comes with a bit of a story… I had a very vivid dream that I was in a specific corner of a specific thriftstore in another city. I could feel in my mind that I had found real treasure… so after I woke up I made a special trip to this store and this is what I found in that exact corner:

It was just chillin’ in a bag for 99 cents. I dunno if it would qualify as treasure to some of you, but it’s so old, and interesting! Looks like some super old Native craftiness. Well, whatever it is, girl who made it shoulda had a blog! Neat, huh?

And, oh, golly- check out these awesome hiking boots!

What? You don’t like to feel ugly whilst hiking?

Now, my favorite treasure to happen upon should come as no surprise:

VINTAGE BUTTTOONNNNNSSSSS!!!! I have a few friends who scour thrift shops for buttons for me. I’m not lying when I say I will work for buttons 😉 This is the jackpot- Thanks, April!

Well, have yourselves a happy thursday! Check back by Monday, because I am sharing a tutorial- and it involves bacon 😉

Happy treasure hunting and ugly hiking!



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3 Responses to Thrift Shop Thursday: Buried Treasure

  1. Congrats! It’s great when you find exactly what you love 🙂

  2. Gladys Hernandez says:

    Love reading about your treasures !!!! I also want to thank you on the ear pin tutorial 🙂

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