Summer Button Coasters!

So, Arrow Sewing Cabinets posted a contest inspired by the cutest coasters I’ve ever seen! Check out these great citrus felt coasters that were created by a genuis over at The Purl Bee:

Gah-So cute!!! So the contest is to make a set of four fruit-inspired coasters! I was instantly inspired by my medium of choice- BUTTONS!

So here is what I created! A slice of watermelon, kiwi, apple and lemon. These were really fun to make, so lemme show you how I did it!

First I drew out a sketch of some fruit that I thought would work with the buttons. For the base of the coasters I used some tacky monogramed coasters I got for 10 cents at the craft store. I’m guessing the unreadability of the letter was part of the reason they were marked down so much. I think that’s supposed to be a ‘J’?!? Anyways, I snatched em up to save for a time like this!

I used a compass to mark out the borders/rinds of the fruit slices. I don’t thing I’ve used one of these since Math 10. Nostalgia! I guess they were right when they corrected me whenever I’d complain “whennn am I ever gonna use this?” Well, Mr. Erickson, you shoulda responded with “It will come in really handy if you want to make some fruit-inspired coasters out of buttons in 12 years.”

Next I quickly colored in the coasters with whatever I had kicking around- pens, crayons, and pencil crayons. This was an important step, because I wasn’t planning on overlapping the buttons (I knew I’d fall victim to a wobbly glass accident!), so I wanted the background that would show through to match.

Then I simply used some white glue (the kind that dries clear) to glue my buttons on, then waited for the glue to dry.

That’s a pretty cute stack of coasters, I’d say!

They look so perfect with a jar of water and food coloring, don’t they? 😉

My sister just pointed out that the blue water reminds her of a maxi pad commercial. Hehe sorry for that!

Well, wish me luck- I’ve already won a buttony contest there before, so I don’t even know if I qualify, but that’s okay, cuz I got some pretty cute coasters out of the deal!

Happy coasting 😉



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4 Responses to Summer Button Coasters!

  1. dalrie says:

    Such crafty neato ideas!!

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