No Knead Bread

HAPPY 2013!!! I’ve missed you so, blog world!!!

I hope everyone had a loverly holiday time, and that you have creative endeavors on your list of resolutions 😉


SO TRUE, isn’t it?!?

Anyways, I needed some bread, but the store was closed and I didn’t have the energy to make a pile of bread. I remembered a recipe I tried once before- I’m sure most of you have heard of it! It was made super-famous by the NY Times, and is originally from Sullivan Street Bakery. Here is a link to the recipe.

This bread is so easy to make, even kids can do it. I’m not joking:


They did 90% of the work!


What a pretty lump of dough, all coated in wheat bran and sittin’ pretty- waiting it’s timely oven-torture and imminent death by stomach acid >:) Mwahahhaa.

While it was in the oven, my kids decided to ‘redecorate’ the Christmas tree. (Yes ours is still up- I had the flu okay? Plus, I wasn’t sick of looking at it’s prettiness yet.)


They decorated with yarn and random junk from around the house. And I managed to get a photo of all four of them staying in one spot!!! A real Christmas miracle!

When the bread was done, the kids were so excited to see their creation!


Even the baby was into it.

And Captain insisted that I take his picture with his trophy too:


The bread is delish, and again, SO EASY!!! It takes about 2 minutes to mix up the 4 ingredients, then you leave it on the counter over night, then bake it in the morning. Here is a youtube tutorial on this bread, so check it out!

I am working on a very buttony decoration, and I can’t wait to share it with you soon 😉

Happy bread-baking!!



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3 Responses to No Knead Bread

  1. dalrie says:

    Oh man that looks goud! I’m going to try it!

  2. Norm says:

    My mom made this bread a while back and it was delish! Now you make me want it do bad….guess what I’m making today!

  3. Anonymous says:

    awesome do love it
    monica oshiro

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