Clothes Line Picture Frame (For Mother’s Day!!!!)

It’s almost Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is pretty close to my mom’s birthday, so that means I can cheap out and do a combined present!  This year me, and a few of my siblings (the more useful, or procreating ones) gathered our favorite photos of our kids (I almost wrote ‘our photos of our favorite kids! HAHA) and I created this:

IMG_0920A nifty picture frame! I’ve seen these all over the interwebs and I knew it would be the perfect present for my mom! It’s so easy that I just figured it out on my own- so there is a chance that there is a better tutorial online, but it probably isn’t as funny as this one, so don’t bother searching. Heh.

Let’s get to business! You only have a few days to make one! Although, I’m sure you could use this as a gift for anyone. Who knows? Maybe your mom isn’t the best, and you don’t want to make her a sweet display to show off her 13 grandchildren. Well, if that is the case you should go to family counseling  make one for yourself.

IMG_0909All you need to create this cool display is a big, empty frame (which you can find at any thrift store for cheap!), some string (I used some pretty white and green cotton, but you could use hemp or twine), some mini clothes pegs (which you can get at any craft store), some hot glue, and some cute pics of your ugly kids. I don’t know why I needed to say that. I’m sorry. That was out of line.

The first thing I did was I marked the spots that I wanted to hang my photos- I used a pretty big frame for this one, and I wanted 4 rows of 4×6 photos to fit. I think this would be really cute with wallet- sized photos on a smaller frame too!

IMG_0913Next I dabbed some hot glue onto the back of the frame in the marked position,  laid the end of the string on top, and pressed my finger into the scalding hot pile.

And then I came up with a safer, better way to do it! I enlisted the help of…

IMG_0914my pal, Buttons.  Buttons sacrificed his life to prevent me from burning myself again and to help keep the string tight and stable.  Just make sure the button doesn’t jut out farther than the frame does, or else you wont have a nice flat surface for hanging.

Keep using this method to attach both sides of your string to the back of the frame, making sure to keep the string tight, and pretty soon you’ll have something like this:

IMG_0916I call this piece ‘Read Between The Lines’ and am selling it for 4500.00. Paypal only, please. Just kidding, let’s move on to the fun part:

IMG_0921Use your mini clothes pegs to hang all your awesome photos, postcards, hamster clothes, etc. I made all these photos black and white and I think it looks pretty cool!

Those are some cute kiddos, hey? It would be so fun to have 13 grandkids. Reason # 34 to have a big family I’d say 😉

IMG_0920There you have it! This is one of the quickest and easiest presents I’ve ever made! I’m sure you can think of a perfect person to make one for. How awesome would it look with photos and other neat things from a vacation or honeymoon?? So many ideas!

Before I sign off, check out my favorite child:

IMG_0922Hehehehehe. >:) Just kidding, I love them all the same.

Happy Mother’s Day-crafting and white-water rafting!

Tired, but happy brain,



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9 Responses to Clothes Line Picture Frame (For Mother’s Day!!!!)

  1. Kali says:

    Very cute and fun for sure! Hey- I’ve got frames, and oodles o kids. I think this’ll be a Happy Mother’s Day gift to myself…

  2. craftymadre says:

    I love your blog. All your crafts are so cute and full of great ideas. I’m right there with you on the ADD! I think it adds to my creativity.

  3. thismomloves says:

    This is very cute – I like how it will be easy to change out the pictures when you need to update them. It may seem like such a small thing, but taking down a frame, taking the back off, etc. seems overwhelming, and this way it’s much quicker (and therefore I would actually do it!) Congrats on making the SavvyMom influential blogger list!

  4. ruthclare says:

    I love this photo frame, such a neat idea! And it’s so effective! 🙂

  5. Katie says:

    Such a fun post to read! So glad I came upon your blog! Thanks for the inspiration!

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