Up, Up and Away!

I wanted to make something for an extra-special boy who happens to love the movie ‘Up’. You might even call him ‘Up-sessed’. HAHAHAA! See what I did there? Okay, enough of the mom-jokes, I’ll show you what I made:



I took a few pictures of the progress, so I thought I’d share a super-quick tutorial with you.


Firstly, I sketched out a version of the Up house. I did this on an 8×10 canvas board, which you can get at any craft store.


Nextly, (I am ignoring the spell-check red squiggles, because I happen to like the word ‘nextly’) I filled in the house with acrylic craft paints, then outlined it and added details with a black permanent marker.

As you can see, I kept the house a bit warbley and imperfect. I really like that style! I also like the word ‘warbley’, and I wont be bullied into changing it, SPELLCHECK! 😡  Spellcheck’s gonna hate, ain’t no body got time for that!

OH! A.D.D. interjection! I just remembered I was going to edit something funny… one sec!



Hahahahaha! Hahahaha. This popped into my mind one evening while I was trying to sleep (even my insomnia is entertaining!), although upon further investigation, I see that a few other people have already thought of this… Oh well, it was new to me, so I’m taking credit for that hilarious meme. 😉

Back to business.


I added some button balloons, which don’t hold much helium, but they look great. I used hot glue for this step. Don’t burn yourself. Unless you’re into that kind of thing 😉 Whatever that means! Sometimes I just say stuff…. anyways…


I think this white frame suits the picture perfectly! You will want to leave the glass out, since the  buttons are 3-D. One gal, who ordered these button cupcakes actually framed them in a shadow box- so it kept the artwork super safe and clean, but didn’t squash the texture. She planned on hanging them above her stove, so it really made sense, but if you are just hanging your picture in a nursery or dungeon etc. you don’t have to worry.

I can’t wait to deliver this project! I hope he flips out… or UP!

Happy buttoning, friends!


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nifty jewelryPeace out, bean sprout.

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 11.59.41 AMAaaaannnnddd there’s a picture of a bean sprout.

What is wrong with my brain.

Happy Sunday.



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8 Responses to Up, Up and Away!

  1. Melissa says:

    There is nothing whatsoever wrong with your brain. It’s so right baby, SO right.

  2. this is so adorable! my beloved & i had our first kiss after watching UP and now we’re engaged. i’ve been looking for a good groom’s present and i think i might be able to pull this off!

    thank you for the great tutorial.

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  5. Marica Tina says:

    Love the movie and love your work!

  6. Shelley says:

    Iv tried doing something similar and been told off for copywrite, how do you not?

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