Valentine’s Day Crayons (Recycled Crayon Hearts)

Reboogging: A fun craft that uses up your old crayons! Valentine’s Day is almost heeeere 🙂

Busted Button

What do ya do when you have a bunch of old, yucky crayons and an anti-typical-Valentine’s Day card issue? READ ON! (And warning, this tutorial contains nudity… the safe for work kind… cuz why not?)

I got the idea for this nifty craft from this link here. And that gal got it from this gal here. And that guy got it from here. And I planted the idea in Martha’s brain in the first place, SO PLEASE disregard those credits.

I bet these look like normal crayons to you. Well, que the hip hop music, cuz it’s gettin’ hot in here…

Uh. Oh.

AAaaand moving on.

After your crayons have undressed themselves, you wanna chop those creeps up good.

And put em in their place. This place would be an Ikea ice cube tray I got from a thrift store for a buck. I have a star…

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