Do You Want to Build a Jack-O-Lantern? Olaf Pumpkin Tutorial

olaf tutorial Do you want to build an Olaf Jack-O-Lantern? Well, I know about 8 million 3 year olds do! My 3 year old is obsessed with Olaf, or “Ooh-Luv” as he pronounces it! I asked him what color cupcakes he wanted for his birthday, and he said “Ooh-Luv”, when I thought he’d say ‘Lello’ or something easy… So he got these: olafcupcaks I tried to blur out the most inebriated-looking ones… lol.

Link loves Olaf so much, I needed to make him a matching costume!


I just found a white hooded sweatshirt and used hot glue to affix a bunch of felt. Anyways, back to the jack-o-lantern tutorial! It is easier than you’d think!

All you need to start with are some twigs and 3 pumpkins (make sure they sit pretty flat and that the bottom two have nice long, straight stems.) olafstart To stack them, simply cut a hole, big enough to fit a stem, into the bottom of your two stacky pumpkins! See how that worked so well? Now, on to the face! olafface I just pulled up an Olaf image from the interwebs, and free-handed a face like this! It doesn’t need to be perfect, and you can wash off any leftover pen when you are done carving. olafpumpkin3 For the eyebrows, I just scored lightly around the edges, and then scraped off the orange layer with a sharp paring knife. Then I simply carved out the mouth, eyes and nose. Since I didn’t use the usual method of scraping out my pumpkin guts, I took this opportunity to clean out the head pumpkin through its mouth! P.S. this is probably the BEST time to draw attention to my manicure: photo 3 Haha. Cute though right? I guess these Jamberry Nails really do hold up like they say! This is the China Rose pattern and they are FUN! Back to the pumpkin… and specifically, the nose: photo 4 I thought I couldn’t have genetically modified a better Olaf nose! But alas, it was too big… photo 5 …So surgery was necessary. photo 2 Once you clean up the blood from the rhinoplasty, insert the carrot into the nose hole, and trim up some twigs to shove into their respective locations on the subject. Man, beauty is pain- wouldn’t you say, Olaf? olaf outsideolafpumpkin Well, there he is! I just used brown felt for his buttons, and pinned them in place. Because this only really involved carving one simple pumpkin, it actually didn’t take much longer to create than your usual run-of-the-mill Jack-O-Lantern. My kids LOVE him, and as a bonus… olafhug He likes warm hugs. Happy Pumpkin Carving! ~Dot PS Catch me in my natural habitat-on Facebook where I post a good mix of my fun creations, as well as other random awesomeness 🙂 And for more of my Halloweeny posts, including more pumpkin carving ideas, nifty decorations, and recipes, check out my Halloween category HERE. Happy Halloween!


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    Do you want to build a pumpkinnnnn? I am making Olaf again this Halloween! It’s one of the easiest jack-o-lanterns to create, and it makes about 6000 neighborhood kids think you are the best 😉

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