Busted Button

Here is a nice lil place where I will document my creative endeavors, which include, but are not limited to: crafting, cooking, and… baby-making. Well, I wont document THAT creative process, that is reserved for my OTHER site  but i’ll let you see the end results 😉 OMG I just used the strikethrough font! THAT MEANS I’M OFFICIAL!

ME! in lego.

About Busted Button

Where Creativity and A.D.D. meet…on a blind date…under a bridge…and make a baby.
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15 Responses to Busted Button

  1. debophile says:

    FIRST AND THE WIRST!!!! This is awesomo, Dotto!!! Leggo you looks joost like ya!!

  2. perogie says:

    I want the link to yer “other” site please.

  3. SWEET! I love this…. your intro cracks me up! … I’m looking forward to many blog entries and learning lots! Amazing!

  4. Jane says:

    do you have a.d.d.?

    • I’m embracing the superpowers of it- multitasking, creative powers!!!!! Ive got 2 sons with ASD and they get it from my side of the fam LOL. Nuerodiversity is grand, isnt it?

  5. Maybe I can pick up some hints and impress my children! They don’t let me create with them much anymore…apparently I don’t do it Right?! A$$holes…I cry myself to sleep every night.

  6. jasmine says:

    so, I’ve decided to set up a blog on screwing up your blog. Oh man, I almost destroyed my lulu pants and almost blew up my microwave. I suck at crafts but I pushed on, and dang, I made some ugly crayons. I thought I was oh so clever when I got my ziplock bag and asked my son so pick a paint, as I was squeezing the air out of the bag, paint poured out the other end—you forgot to say “check for holes”. anyway, carpet, lulu pants and ugly shirt here we come. I spent the next 20 minutes washing my clothing . This was 3 days ago and I still haven’t gone back to clean the carpet, I think the cat will probably get it. Next onto the crayons, I had some of those trays so thought I can handle this, I’m a good mom, I’m an amazing mom———–10 minutes into the microwaving those dang crayons have still not melted———-15 minutes later the fan in the microwave goes on, on its own and I smell the sweet smell of motor burning, quickly I jump back on your blog to confirm the time and procedure —-I read the last sentence and yell shoot, I hate crap crayons. darn you no name. Well after 20 minutes on microwaving and cooling off the microwave- I made some broken crayons. I cant wait for the next craft!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Happy Anniversary! My fave post was the chocolate covered Oreos. I think about them when I’m lonely.

  8. Amanda says:

    Ummm whats this again? Oooo. You in lego how pretty ❤

  9. Gabe says:

    My favorite blog post was the one about cooking meth.

    …wait. Wrong blog.

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