Button Tree

After sacrificing an old painting for its frame last year, I wound up with a naked wall space. Apart from being naked, it was also large. And I don’t know about you, but I think anything naked and large needs to be covered up stat.  The offensive nudity blared in my face every time I walked past it- taunting me: “I’m fat and naked, what are you going to do about it?” (I hate when that happens!) This was my solution:

This little ditty was surprisingly easy to create! I was inspired by buttons (they run through my veins, after all) and trees- because they are one of the easiest and prettiest things to paint! I saw something like this on pinterest and sought out to make it bigger and better more fun. Here is what went down:

First I got 2 canvases and gave em a couple of coats of paint in my desired background color. (Don’t forget the sides.) I used to use mugs to hold my paint, but I drank one-too-many sips of narsty that way.

THEN I needed to come up with a good distraction for kid #3… Thanks, Playdoh!

After the background had dried, I painted a simple, black branch. And I kept #1 out of my hair by giving her some painting to do!  (which turned out awesome-you’ll see.)

Don’t forget to paint the sides of the canvi. (“Canvi” is plural for “canvas”, right??? It sounds like some kind of prehistoric sea creature…”And here we have a beautiful specimen! The great rod-toothed canvi.”)                                                                                  ANYWAYS… This tree is lookin a little bare… who do I know with an ungodly amount of buttons???

Oh, right… Me >:)

Now, get glue-gunnin! I chose green and pink buttons cuz I wanted it to look like some precious lil cherry blossoms 🙂

The button gluing is fun, but might take a while- check out those bored kids! (Actually it only took an hour, but that was a long time to focus on one task for me!)                                                                Oh, and once again, don’t forget the sides of the rod-toothed canvi! They get angry when neglected…

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Wouldn’t this be perfect in a baby’s room?!?!?! You could even make just a teensy weensy one! So easy, so quick, so fun!

And here is my fave lil blossomy branch. ❤ I love!

…And I haven’t forgotten-here is what kid #1 created:

This is her ‘Winter Queen”. I love it!

And here is another version- with a little sparrow in the branch! I’ve got one just like it for sale on Etsy right here!  The possibilities are endless, as you can see in my portfolio.

*No Canvi were harmed in the making of this tutorial.

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26 Responses to Button Tree

  1. Lindsay Ann says:

    I wish I was artsy like you. I can guarantee my branches would look like . . . bigfeet. Or rotten tortellinis.

  2. Ariel Willes says:

    Love this Dot! not only did you make want to take all the buttons off of every piece of clothing in my house and make a pretty tree but I also laughed a ton!

  3. Sandy Wittrin says:

    Katie you are truly artistically talented!!!! Wonderful job you did, with the help of your capable assistants!

  4. you go girl! that it so cool!

  5. Annie says:

    I’m super impressed with your blog! Also with your camera! That close-up of the buttons is awesome.

  6. Liz says:

    Ah haha you’re hilarious.

  7. Katrina says:

    my branches always end up bigger at the ends that are supposed to be smaller. I have never been able to master tree art like you. bee-utiful.

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  14. Rachelle says:

    Any idea where I can find a large amount of buttons in assorted sizes and colors for a reasonable price? I really like the button trees and want to try one in all four seasons.

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  17. Antonio says:

    No es fcil dar con articulos adecuadamente escritos, de
    forma que tengo que reconocertelo.Saludos.

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