Button Tree Lampshade

A few months ago, some friendos gave me three of their old lamps, knowing that I would be able to turn those nothings into somethings. And that I did! 😉

I am planning on doing a full tutorial on each of the three lamps before and after, but, as usual, I couldn’t wait to show you this one!

Here is revamped lamp(ed) number one:

LOOKS FAMILIAR DOESN’T IT? Wellll thats cuz it matches the first button tree painting I posted right here.

I’ll give you a sooper quick how-to cuz I have a few minutes. Actually I don’t but I’m procrastinating cleaning. I hate cleaning. In fact, this blog and the projects on it are actually just one huge excuse to procrastinate life’s mundane “necessary” stuff. ANYWAYS…

1- Get a free boring lamp from the Cris and Belinda. I’m sure they have tons- just ask em.

2- Paint the base and any random phalanges that are hanging around… such as the nob up top and the pully thingy…wow I am the queen of words right now (no.)

3- Paint the shade with the background color of your choice- if your lampshade is porous this might take up to 4 coats.

4- Paint a pretty lil branch.

5- Button it up with a glue gun whilst listening to this.

And there you have it! Button tree painting on a lampshade! I have many more ideas in store…just you wait! Now I have to go get the finch out of the oven. I’m serious. Interesting tutorial on THAT coming eventually 😉 Who knew taxidermy could be so fun?


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4 Responses to Button Tree Lampshade

  1. Anonymous says:

    Adorable. Your button art just keeps getting better and better!

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