Button Bracelet


You know what this means? No more fits of violent rage whilst waiting for an ancient laptop to upload photos! Tutorial time!

Since this is a momentous occasion, we must celebrate with the best medium on the face of the planet:

BUTTONS!!! Oh my precious, lovely buttons :’) Let’s make a beautiful button bracelet. Blalliteration.

Pick out buttons that are a similar size and the recipient’s fave color… which in this case is purple.

I made this for a friend of mine who also has an autistic kiddo. Sometimes we need jewelry to cope. Heh. Heh.

This bracelet was made with stretchy elastic string. I got this from Walmart for a few dollars-, but you can get it at any craft store. Just make sure it doesn’t break when you pull it… so skip the dollar store on this one, folks.

Use a lil clippy to keep the buttons from falling off the string.

You can definitely haphazardly juts string the buttons on and still get a pretty awesome bracelet, but I liked the look of it being a bit more organized. I kind of stacked them like so as I went along in a ‘down up, down up’ type of manner.

If you want to throw on a couple of nubby buttons (AKA the kind with a nub rather than holes… can’t really think of a better word to use hahah) then just slide it on through. I used two nubbers for this bracelet, but I think one would be a perfect lil focal point.

Now you have to figure out how many buttons you need to wrap around your friend’s wrist. You may have to subversively attack them with a measuring tape when they aren’t looking. They will most likely be shocked, at which point you can pull out the old “Oh, I’m just really self- conscious about the circumference of my wrists and I want a good goal size…” excuse. That one comes in handy ALL the time. Trust me.  😉

Once you have strung on the right amount of buttons, tie it off, using a series of square knots… check out this video if you want to hear a random sci-fi sounding intro and a strange accent see how it’s done.

Fast forward to the 2 minute mark. I totally didn’t do the glue part. Oops… don’t forget to do that… unless you want a BUSTED button bracelet… hahhahahaha mom joke, sorry!

And there it is- how cute?!?!?! Easy, quick and lovely- just the way I like my creative endeavors to be! This divine bracelet is being modeled by a creepy brass clown who jumped into my purse when I was  at a thrift store. I love that lil creeper. Look at him! You can tell he’s so untrustworthy watching over my buttons, but something about that face/stance draws me, and I just give in.

Here is another bracelet I made using fire colors! It’s just chillin on a rabbit pelt. No big deal. The possiblities and color combos are endless! As I’m typing this I just got inspired to use another one of those gold sand dollar buttons like I used on the purple bracelet to make a beach-themed one! Ooooh with colors of the ocean and sand!

Hope you have fun creating your own special bracelet!

Thanks fer reading- happppy buttoning 😉


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3 Responses to Button Bracelet

  1. Oh man…I think I would be the person haphazarly stringing buttons on. On your next blog post can you do something even more ridiculously easy…so I can have a chance to look awesome to my kids…

    All your arts are too awesome. I need something more mediocre.


  2. Anonymous says:

    es muy original y divertida 😀

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