Little Brown Bird

I’m in a great mood this evening!  🙂

Yesterday I decided to start submitting my tutorials to Craftgawker, and I’m really happy I did, because I’ve gotten a pile of new followers as a result! So I wanted to post a painting as a “Welcome, Gawkers!” post:

Here is a little brown bird in a button tree I whipped up for a neat couple who just had a baby.

This was a really quick project- I just painted a simple branch on an 8×10 canvas board, then added a sparrow, using a stencil I made from a silhouette I found in a bird book. Next I glued different shades of green buttons onto the branch, and finished it off with an old frame I had spray-painted white.

These button trees are so darn versatile! The sky is the limit when it comes to ways to get creative and custom with em! Check out my first button tree tutorial here. I used pink and green buttons to create a cherry blossom feel.

Well, thanks for following, Craftgawkers! I hope you check back for more tutorials, ideas, recipes and other creations that spew from my over-active and sometimes insane-in-the- membrane mind!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Craftgawker, it’s like Pinterest, in that it is a place to browse, collect, and ‘like’ some great photos of great ideas. But it is exclusively for arts and craftiness, and the photos displayed on the site need to be approved by some magical (and very picky) elves.

There is also a Foodgawker, for which I risk electrocution on a daily basis as a result of the amount of saliva that hits my computer whilst staring at it for hours on end. My Foodgawker story isn’t as good as my Craftgawker one has been. I submitted several photos to them, then got shut down in a big way, (“Awkward angle.” “Too dark.” “Uneven composition.” A.K.A. “Who would eat this garbage? Stop trying.”) which felt so bad that I was tempted to take a course on food photography, until I realized I probbbbbablly don’t have the time to be making decisions based on the old high school-rejection feelings that were brought back by these elves.

At least they like my craftings so far.

And on that note- I must go to bed to dream of little brown birds and little clown herds…. WHAT?!?!?! Ew! that is the worst mental image that has ever escaped the recesses of my subconscious only to pounce into the unsuspecting blogosphere! I’m sorry to have imparted that into your mind! CLOWN HERDS?!?!?!? Now I don’t want to go to sleep :’O  Why did it have to rhyme so well with “Little brown birds”?? Wah.


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2 Responses to Little Brown Bird

  1. Sheila Carson says:

    Where do you get your buttons?

    • I got many from thrift stores and friends who gave me their grandparents buttons, and was sponsored by a button company at one point so received lots from them too. Dollar stores can be a good source- if you’re local to me I’m happy to share- I’ve got way too many buttons hahah! Shoot me An email… maybe I can pass some along 🙂 dotfalcon @

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