Paper Button Flowers

Today I want to share one of my favorite spring crafts! It is easy as can be, and is really perfect for any occasion.

Here are some nifty flowers I made this year for my Secondary Valentine. Oh, what’s that, you say? “What is a Secondary Valentine, dear chiiild?” Well, firstly, I am not a child. Secondly, it is much more important sounding than the title would lead you to believe. Having two Valentines makes the day twice as fun.  Pick one of your fave friends, and do something special. New tradition? You know you want to.

Anyways, check out these cute little’s:

These were SUCH a fun, easy, and quick craft to do! I made a few for my daughter and she thought I was a super hero! (I love how easy it is to deceive children.) These take less than 10 minutes to make- from start to finish!

All you need are some buttons, a glue gun, some skinny wooden craft sticks, a bit of green ribbon, and some paper flowers. (I used a flower punch, but you could easily get creative and cut out a few different flower shapes. Or you could get lazy creative and use some pre-cut scrapbook embellishments from the craft store.)

Glue some coordinating buttons onto your flowers. You can stack some of them for a neat look.

Next, glue on the craft sticks. Told you this was easy!

Finish each flower with a piece of ribbon tied, then glued around the ‘stem’, and there you have some of the happiest flowers you’ll ever see.

Now stick em in a cup of beads or what have you, and put em somewhere special- like on top of your cluttered-with-awesomeness crafting station- until you find a special person to share them with.

Well, that was a short post! You know what that means? Brag time!

Here is a photo of Kid #2- Cutest lil boy you have ever seen. Kid #3 and Kid #4 do come close though…

Happy flower-making and cuppy-caking. (If you’re into that sort of thing.)


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  1. bingefest says:

    Awesomeness at it’s best you crazy ADD person whom I’ve never met before:)

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