Fringe Flowers

You know those times when you realize you should have bought a ‘thank you’ gift but you are short on time or cash? Wellllll, have I got a solution for you! And for only 3 easssy payments of $129.99… just kidding… here are the goods:

These puppies:

Pretty, hey? These took only 10 minutes to put together, and I bet you have all of the items necessary to make this quick and easy bouquet kickin’ around your house, just waiting to be turned into something lovely.

All you need are some fringing scissors (you can use regular scissors too- I just got some fringing scissors at a thrift store because I’m lucky like that!),  a glue gun, a few straws, and some tissue paper. This would be a great opportunity to use up any of your old tissue paper stash you’ve been hoarding- and then you could call it ‘upcycled’ and get even more attention!

Firstly what you want to do is to get 4 layers of tissue paper that measure about 12 inches long by  1.5 inches wide. If you make sure there is a fold on one side, you will have a nice finished edge and it will make the rolling process a lot easier.

Use your fringing scissors to cut along the tissue, leaving about half an inch uncut.  If you are using regular scissors, just make a cut about every eighth of an inch. This step does not have to be perfect.

Stick the straw to one end of the fringed tissue with a blob of hot glue, or ‘dab’ of hot glue,  as Martha would say, and procede to roll the straw along, adding a new line of glue every few inches. Secure the end with another ‘dab’ of glue.

You know what always bugged me about Martha? How she’d call a pair of scissors “a scissor”.

Isssn’t this cute? It looks a lot like a spikey dahlia. And if you like that look, then stop here, but you know what? This is boring. And it needs something…

There. You know my motto, “A button a day keeps the borings at bay”…

Now, turn the lights down low, and place your flowers in a little jar on the window sill.

And have a romantic evening alone (or with a couple of Egyptian Lego men) coming up with new ideas that involve fringing scissors!

These would be sooooper cute if you used a couple of different colors of tissue in each flower. Next time I’m near a McDonald’s, (which will more than likely be tomorrow, and the next day) I plan on snagging a handful of their colorful straws so I can make a bright and cheery bunch!

Happy flower making!!!


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15 Responses to Fringe Flowers

  1. Bonnie says:


  2. Bonnie says:

    For an edible version, do you think they’d work with fringed fruit roll-up, rolls of chewing gum or other rolled candy + melt-adhered swedish berries or some such like a button?
    Mostly I’m just thinking about candy too much. I just ate ten black mothers, as we call them, from the corner store.

  3. gail says:


  4. You know if you took one of those battery operated “candles”, popped it into the bottom of your jar, cover it with clear marbles then put your flowers in, it would make and cute centre-piece… just saying 🙂 I think those candles would last a whole evening too.

  5. Bo says:

    jealous of your fringing scissor. I need to find me a scissor like that one.

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  7. Lori LC says:

    Your writing has me loL!You’re a hoot, and crafty,too 😉
    Found your link on Craftaholics Anonymous,and I’m glad I did!
    Still chuckling at using a filter for shoe shot,and Mr salad fingers for the nursery ..,
    Lori LC

  8. mahdylife says:

    zwstdknswae sazrdev ctaroq vnmmgqvkq ujfnegwvtn fxpcte

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