Angel Food Cake of Perfection

Issssn’t this a little slice o’ Heaven:


This is the best angel food cake with strawberry cream… it’s perfection.

I ain’t no food blogger, but I like food, and the consensus was that I should share a food post on my neglected-for-over-a-week blog, so I chose something glorious! Maybe get used to the blog being neglected for a bit because I am only SIX WEEKS away from squirting out baby #5!!!! That went by way too fast! Can’t wait to meet Miss Flora Nightingale 🙂

Although, I have mastered the womanly art of breastfeeding while using the computer- a must-have skill for todays’ distracted busy mother haha- so maybe I will have MORE time to share my creative endeavors with you all. In any case, let’s make the best cake you will ever sink your chompers into.


I suppose you could use a boxed mix to make the main part of this cake- the strawberry cream will make up for it a bit, but I am the queen of lazy, and even I think it is a good idea to make the real thing!! This means a whole dozen egg whites, but it is so worth the extra effort- and it’s always good to learn some new skills!

I use a sliiiightly modified version of America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe for angel food cake- Click that link for the recipe, along with some more-detailed instructions on how to make this fluffy mountain of love. The original recipe in my cookbook called for almond extract, but I like it better without, also, I can’t be bothered to buy cake flour, so I just make my own– it’s easy peasy and works just fine! And I don’t grind my sugar superfine- and I’ve had perfect results… So I’m lazy… and  sometimes it works out 😉


Beat your egg whites and cream of tartar for around a minute, until they are bubbly, then add half of your sugar, and beat for a few more minutes until soft peaks form- they should flop down off of your beater like they do up there ^^^

I really don’t know how else to explain what your egg whites will look like when they reach the right stage, so I took a photo that I think will be of help:


Dinosaur battle.

Dino lost.

It was sad 😦


After you clean dinosaur blood and ammo from your counter, gently fold in your flour mixture until it is just nicely incorporated.


Spoon your batter into an UN-GREASED angel food cake pan, smooth off the top, and hit the pan on the counter for a second, to kill any bubbles that may be hiding inside.


Bake the cake. And put on your pretty shoes:

shoesiesAdd a filter to the photo to disguise the fact that you don’t shave your legs…


To prevent the cake from falling, balance it on a wine bottle or something of the sort while it is cooling. Let it cool for around an hour. Waiting sucks, so do something fun like this while you are waiting.


While the cake is cooling, you could also get started on the strawberry cream… that makes more sense than starting a new project, but I like to multi-task for mental health purposes 😉

This recipe is from my brother in law Richard. I don’t know why, but me and my fam call him ‘Uncle Richard.’ So thanks, Uncle Richard for this recipe. And readers, please don’t be put-off by the fact that this is Uncle Richard’s recipe- I know ‘Martha Stewart’ sounds more trustworthy, but you will soon be praising the name of Uncle Richard.

Get yourself an 8 oz tub of defrosted, frozen strawberries in syrup (hubby got raspberries accidentally but they worked fine too), and strain the liquid into a small pot, and set aside the berries for later.

IMG_4680Add one package of unflavored gelatin, or Gélatine as they say in french apparently, and heat and stir until the gelatin has dissolved in the berry syrup. Add the syrup back to the berries, and refrigerate to cool, until your cake is ready to decorate!

IMG_4683Whip up 2 cups of whipping cream with 1/4 of a cup of sugar, (you might want to do the dino battle test again) and fold in the cooled berry mixture carefully, but thoroughly.


Man I wish I could eat that again! I bet the dairy-free option of coconut milk ‘whipped cream’ would be amazing with this cake- I will have to try that some time!!

IMG_4689After you’ve loosened the cooled cake from the pan (just use a knife to slowly release the sides), slice it in half like a big, sweet bagel of amazingness, and pile it high with the strawberry cream.

IMG_4690Put the lid on, and give this cake a generous full-body spa treatment with it’s strawberry cream mask. It’s really good for closing the pours, and the antioxidants in the berries will add a good 10+ years to it’s life. Too bad this cake is destined to be demolished within a day.

IMG_4694 Don’t you forget to ice the hole. That picture is creeping me out a bit, so let’s try a different angle:

IMG_4707 MMmmmmmmmmm

IMG_4708Yeah, it tastes as good as it looks- maybe even better. This is the kind of cake that you could eat half of. It is pretty light and not too terribly sweet. I am making a peach berry pie today- and while I’m eating it I will be thinking about this cake the whole time. Shhh.

Well, I hope this has inspired you to try something new!!! Save those extra 12 egg yolks to make some lemon curd or hollandaise sauce or something like that.

This would be such a perfect cake for Valentines Day, dontcha think????

Cheesy segue (which is apparently how you spell ‘segway’) warning: SPEAKING of Valentines Day, check out my new Valentines Day collection of neat jewelry I listed on Etsy! You will find something for everyone- even the anti-valentines.

Here is one of my favorites:

IMG_9008This is a suuuper tiny and dainty bracelet- the heart charm is smaller than the eraser on a pencil and the chain is baaasicallly microscopic.

My absolute personal favorite piece would have to be this creeper though:


Why is this huge cockroach accessory in my Valentine’s Day Collection? Because not everyone loves this gushy holiday! This 2.5 inch roach falls from a 24″ sturdy chain, right at cleavage level, where it seems like he would perch and lap up sweat. Sorry for that.


Happy Strawberry Creaming, or at least Angel food Dreaming 😉


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6 Responses to Angel Food Cake of Perfection

  1. Patch says:

    Love your sense of humour. Roach lapping up sweat in a cleavage! And I know exactly why that picture is creepy LOL!! Cake looks amazing too.

  2. uncle richard says:

    You know when you are eating a hot piece of fresh made bread and you wonder why they would bother to say “let cool” in the recipe? Whell, have a little will power and put the whipped up cake in the fridge for atleast 4 hours because it is ACTUALLY so much better fully chilled. Otherwise the gelatine will set up in your stomach and stay there for 7 years. And grow a gelatine tree. Also, this is actually my Grandma Cecile’s recipe. Alsoooo, the filter didn’t work…

  3. Nancy says:

    Looks delicious and beautiful too!!

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