Get to know the 4 Seasons

I painted this for my newest niece yesterday, as she was coming down her mother’s birth canal. I hope that intro doesn’t mar your opinion of this painting.

I’m going to be posting a tutorial in the next few days on how I made this, but for your viewing pleasure and entertainment, I will introduce you to each of these paintings so you can get to know them better. After all, art has such personality- it is so much more than just something nice to look at.

First we have Summer. She is a 40-something twice-married gal who enjoys walks along the beach wearing nothing but a frown. And a burka.

And here is Autumn. Don’t let her downtrodden personality put you off- she is a big fan of watching soap operas in her jogging clothes!

Winter is a fun-loving free spirit who enjoys spitting and jaywalking on his days off. He is currently unemployed. So he is doing a lot of that.

And finally, Spring is an environmentally-conscious and unique young buck who likes barbecuing styrofoam. (Not that barbecuing styrofoam is unique.)

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting my latest creations! Tutorial coming soon- this was pretty simple to make and I bet you could make it too.  🙂


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Where Creativity and A.D.D. meet…on a blind date…under a bridge…and make a baby.
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2 Responses to Get to know the 4 Seasons

  1. Olivia says:

    Please can you tell me where is the tutorial for this one ?
    That’s so nice.
    Sorry for my english, I’m french.

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