“Of the Forest” with a side of “R.I.P. My Computer”

So my computer died a few days ago and apparently Apple Care doesn’t cover autism-related injuries 😡

Let’s just say Kid #2 + juice+ recreational regurgitation= not a computer’s best friend…

A very good  man saved my life, soul and entire family’s well-being the day and has loaned me a laptop! I wonder how many millilitres this one can hold?

Anyways- I have been soopa busy with painting. I wanted to surprise my hubby with some new shoes for his bday so I put the word out on Facebook that I was wanting to sell a few semi-custom paintings. I’m pretty happy with the response. Who knows, maybe I can buy a new child-proof computer in the next few weeks! Here is one of my fave paintings I’ve done so far: (I’ll show you the different stages cuz I just love how it came together!)

I channeled Bob Ross while I painted those happy little background trees. (And I “beat the devil” out of my paintbrush.)

Bob was the best. He would take a blank canvas and turn it into a masterpiece in 10 minutes and instruct you the whole time- as though anyone could actually follow him. “Now, grab some burnt orange, swipe it over this part of the canvas, and there you have a lovely cottage. Next grab some cobalt blue, run to your local studio, take 10 years worth of classes, and I’ll be waitin for ya right here. Me and this happy little squirrel will be waitin for ya til you get back.”  What a nice guy.

Now the foreground…and yup…that’s my dining table…heh.

There it is. I called it “Of The Forest” because it is for my lovely friend’s kiddo, who’s name means that.

This photo is uneven and it bothers me… Hopefully I can figure out this computer’s editing program asap!

Have a great day, and don’t forget… protect your computers from crazy kids!


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2 Responses to “Of the Forest” with a side of “R.I.P. My Computer”

  1. Annie says:

    Lurv it! My little elf child will just lurv it too.

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