Chocolate Buttons

I threw a baby shower for one of my good friends the other day, and I needed to make some cuppycakes. Not just any cuppycakes either…



Well, I guess they’re more like chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream, but I think the chocolate button decorations steal the show 😉

(Thanks for the great photo, Jody!)

Look at these precious morsels! (it took 5 tries for me to spell ‘morsels’ properly, FYI.)

Since I am not a baker, I will only be offering a chocolate button tutorial here, BUT if you want some of the most AMAZING and impressive cakey tutorials, you must check out my pal Melissa’s stuff over at Buttercream Couture.

Now- back to the buttons!

I picked up a couple of button molds when I was on a cake-making adventure with Mrs. Buttercream Couture, and I couldn’t wait to put them to use! You can buy this particular mold here.

To make chocolate buttons, simply melt your favorite chocolate melting wafers, and spoon a bit into the mold. I was impatient so I put them in the freezer for 5 minutes to harden quickly, but if you are patient, you can leave them at room temperature to set for twenty minutes.

Once the chocolate has set, pop the buttons out of the mold and clean them up if you need to by trimming off any excess chocolate with a sharp knife. You can prevent bubbles and creases and the sloppy excess by having a little patience while pouring the chocolate in the mold. I haven’t figured out where to find patience yet, so I am stuck dealing with the consequences of rushing.

P.S. I also used the same mold with some air-dry clay and am in the process of making the cutest little hand-painted buttons that I will share with you soon. I LOVE THESE MOLDS! Now for the next one:

The second button mold I got was this one, which is used to make lolly pops! I want to eventually make some real hard candy lollies, but for this baby shower I stuck to using chocolate!

Ooooh, Ahhhh.

And there is the happy family all together. This photo was taken right before a bunch of ravenous delightful ladies got to conquer and destroy enjoy them.

Well, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I like to try to incorporate buttons into what I create as much as I can, so if you like buttons- check out my other posts! I do also use other mediums…such as food. Mmm.

And while I’ve got you here, I FINALLY launched a Facebook page for Busted Button! If you like what you see, feel free to ‘like’ what you see right here! You’ll get a glimpse of some sneak peaks, and other nifty updates! Thanks for reading!

Happy button-ating and button-eating!



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18 Responses to Chocolate Buttons

  1. Anonymous says:

    Recipeeeeeee on the Cuppy Cakes!!! MM MMM MMMMMMMM

  2. Annie says:

    Yum yum…. words cannot describe how delicious they were!

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  4. kat says:

    This is soo cute! I have those exact same cupcake liners! I’m running low and I can’t remember where I found them! Was it Target?

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  7. Reblogged this on Busted Button and commented:

    I am making cupcakes for my kiddo’s 10th birthday, and was reminded of this post! Check out these delicious and simple toppers for the best cupcakes ever!

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  9. cool, I wanted to make chocolate candies for valentine but im not sure something, if you draw something in the mold using a different colored chocolate(say a white heart) in the mold before placing your chocolate(dark) will the dark chocolate deform the heart?

  10. stuckinscared says:

    Gorgeous post! Your images are fabulous… the cakes look FABULOUS… the buttons are… (there’s only so many times one can say fabulous without sounding short of words), so, CUTE, the buttons are cute! I’ll have to show my baker-son (who loves all things cupcake) this post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. So beautiful!! Buttons are a great idea, and not run of the mill!! Love your tag line about creativity and ADD meeting under the bridge and making a baby! So funny!

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