So- I’ve been up to something exciting! Me and my hubby are going to be selling some really unique and awesome jewelry etc. at the Ultimate Toy Fair in Victoria on October 14th- Check out this link for all the info you need!

The fair is running a silent auction to benefit some charities, so I thought I’d come up with something special to donate! Check it out:

Oh, yeah, it’s a Lego tree!



This painting will be on display at Cherry Bomb Toys until the Toy Fair- so if you looove it (or want to check out the other cool items up for auction) and want to support an awesome cause, you can go down there and cast a bid asap!

My hubby is obsessed with collecting Lego, so I’m pretty happy to be collaborating with him for this event! Actually, did you know that I am made entirely out of Lego? I’m dead serious.


No matter how hard I try, I can’t get any shape to my butt. Oh the woes of being a mini figure 😦

Hope to see some of you at the Toy Fair!!!  I will be sharing some of my toy-based and other new creations soon- so keep checking in- and if you want to get even more updates, head on over to my Facebook page and gimme a ‘like’. You know you want to 😉




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2 Responses to LEGO TREE!

  1. Terri crider says:

    What did you attach the legos to the canvas with?

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