Moving Day!

Yesterday we moved from the City to a nice lil Town just 45 minutes away. This was such a long-awaited move- I am so thankful to have had this opportunity present itself!

When I woke up this morning in my new house, this is how I felt:

Peacefulness. My kids love it here too. This morning 2 of ’em said to me “Mom! It smells like we are camping!” Um… that’s called ‘fresh air’, kids! Hahahah! I’ve already snapped a hundred photos of their happy, exploring little selves- but I had to stop once they started getting annoyed with my paparazzi ways:

K fine, I’ll stop.

Moving from a townhouse to a big house with a big yard (and woods!) has been awesome! Look at all this space:

Imagine what I could do with this!!!!

Whatever 😡

Here is an awesome story I need to share. First, take a look at my 4-year-old son, Captain:

Well, I know I named him Captain (oops), but this story is just nuts.

He was playing on the patio this morning, getting some fresh air, and he put on his cape. He was looking over the rail and eagerly yelled into the house, “MOM! Put me up here so I can fly into the woods!” HE WAS GENUINELY SERIOUSLY 100% WILLING to jump. Off the edge. Of my 3rd story patio. Anyone else’s kids that…um…”adventurous”? Man he scares me sometimes!

At least he has his mother’s impulsive creativity:

Look what he did to his shirt. WHILE HE WAS WEARING IT. Let’s close-up that, shall we?

That would be “Jack Skellington”- his hero.  He was so proud of himself. I couldn’t get mad. Because it was awesome.

Unpacking for a family of 6 is a big job! But we try to keep it interesting. Exhibit A:


Well, we are loving it here! I look forward to having more time and space to create things!!!

I’ve already met a few neighbors and they seem just great-though I played a little trick on them already, so I don’t know if they will feel the same way about us:

Hehehe. Sorry neighbors!

Well, I should get back to unpacking! Pardon the lack of anything inspirational or educational today! I’m just a boring old mom-blogger with my craft stuff packed away!

Happy neighbor-tricking and… pogo… sticking?



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4 Responses to Moving Day!

  1. Melissa says:

    I love your mom posts, cause your a weird enough person to keep it interesting 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is so awesome Dot! We lived in Shawnigan, Cobble Hill and Mil Bay for 12 years…you’re gonna love life in the Cowichan Valley!

  3. Kara says:

    My boys will jump off of anything. Or climb anything. Fearless as all hell!

  4. That is an awesome trick, your posts constantly crack me up!

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