Pretzel Pumpkins! (A.K.A. Pumpkin Snacktivities)

I’ve been meaning to make these cute lil pumpkin sweets since I saw them here on Pinterest a few weeks ago. So today, when I had an appointment in town and had to spend a few hours at my EMPTY old house, I figured it would be a good opportunity to bring the ingredients along for an afternoon activity- it’s hard to entertain kids with absolutely nothing in the house!

Here’s what you need to create this awesome October snacktivity. (Still taking credit for that word!):  A pot (or microwave-safe bowl if you have access to a microwave), white chocolate melting wafers, greeeeen M&M’s, orange food coloring, wax or parchment paper, and a fork or some other magical stirring device.  Man, look how clean that counter is! It was so crazy to cook once more in this empty kitchen:

Felt so strange… Ohmigash! I forgot to mention the main ingredient!

Pretzels! The cute small ones are best 🙂

Melt yer white chocolate nice and slowly, then add enough orange food coloring to resemble a pumpkinly color. For more detailed instructions on melting chocolate, check out my peppermint patty post pere here.

Dip the pretzels with your hands until they are super-coated in the orange chocolate. Place them on a sheet of wax paper, then quickly stick a green M&M like so into the top of the ‘pumpkin’. Cute, huh?

Now stick em into a nice, perfectly clean, perfectly empty refrigerator to harden for about 5 minutes.

I made these with one of my fave people- Katie from Mamabear Creations– and it was super fun! It went by really quick and was easy enough for the kids to help with.

I love a good, fun and easy snack to make while the kids are around! Last week we made something pretty lumpy nifty out of caramel popcorn:

It’s a pumpkin-ball-on-a-stick-thinger! I got the AMAZING recipe for the caramel popcorn from Buttercream Couture- who happppens to be doing a six-week series on caramellllll mmmmmmm. For the pumpkins on sticks I just followed her recipe (which you can find here) and formed the balls before the baking stage, stabbed em with popsicle sticks, then dipped them in colored white chocolate, placed em on wax paper and added some green chocolate vines on top! VWA LAAAA.

Well that’s enough pumkiny goodness for now! Who wants to see some more of the jewelry that I’ve been creating lately? I’ll be selling this schtuff at Victoria’s Ultimate Toy and Hobby Fair on October 14th from 9-3- and if you are in the area- come say hi to me and the hubby! We are selling this awesomeness for pretttty cheap, cuz we want everyone to be able to enjoy it!

Also- a portion of our sales will go to Mosaic Learning Society , who offers awesome social, fine art, and academic programs for children and youth on the autism spectrum. Our son just started attending there this year and it is AMAZING.

First we have some loverly antiquey rose rings. Oooh Aaah.

These are pretty and all, but we all know I like things to be a bit more… strange…

How bout some jelly fish earrings? Perfect stocking-stuffer for the… jelly fish lover in your life…right?

And why not some army man earrings? Make jewelry, not war. Just kidding. My lil bro is an army man and I’m so proud of him!

Now for the really sweet stuff:

I spray-painted some lego, made hearts, and turned em into wearable amazingness! Here are some nifty silver earrings.

And a firetruck red Lego heart necklace.

Gold- Sassy molassy.

And I’ll finish off this post with a pair of earrings that creep me out so badly- BUT I JUST HAD TO MAKE THEM! I can’t help myself sometimes!

*Baby earrings* :O Eek. Sorry for that.

Anyways- I hope you have fun with pumpkin snacktivities- and maybe I will see you on Sunday at the fair!

Happy pumpkin-sharing and… baby…wearing… hehehehehe

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