The Best Button Collection in the World

Hi, my name is Dot and I’m a button addict. Obviously. Anyways, I wanted to finally share my button collection with you! I finished unpacking it last night! I was without them for over a week, and let me tell you- button withdrawals are the worst!!!!

Right before we moved into our new house I bought a china hutch. I had previously thought that china cabinets were pointless (okay, I guess you could store ‘china’ in them…) but since I knew I had an empty corner in my new kitchen, I figured my beautiful candy jars full of a rainbow of buttons would fit perfectly in this cabinet. Observe:

Glorious aint it? Goes perfectly with my melted crayon art! (tutorial for that here.) But you just wait til the door is opened!

This is way to exciting for me. If you don’t feel the same way, I am sorry.

Let’s see a close up:

Drooling.So.Much right now.

And this is only part of my collection! I had to find other creative ways to store some of my other buttons around the house. Good thing they are the prettiest loveliest things in the world!

Her are a couple of 3 litre button jars, filled with assorted buttons- mostly vintage ones! They compliment my coconut monkey, fish jug, and picture of a fat man selling fruit perfectly!

This is my fave photo of my two youngest brothers. Brotherly love at its finest! Note the gigantic red button hanging on the wall. Best present ever- thanks Liz 😉

This is still only about 2/3rds of my button collection- I have a lot still packed away in non-pretty containers, but I’ve also found other creative ways to store and display some of my other buttons!

FILL A VASE WITH BUTTONS cuz why the heck not!?!?!?

Well that’s all I have to share for today! OooOH wait!!! Check out this button I found today:

Isn’t it pretty?? It is part of an awesome thrift-store haul someone gave me! It’s so old and cute- I love it! Wow I really hope some of you are equally as excited about buttons as I am…

Anyways, have yourselves a merry little Friday 🙂

Happy button-collecting and vomit-projecting (I’ve got morning-sickness on the brain- okay?!?!)

~ Dot


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9 Responses to The Best Button Collection in the World

  1. Michelle says:

    Ooooh, it’s like a candy store!

  2. Karen says:

    That china cabinet filled with glass jars full of buttons is amazing!

  3. alinka7xx says:

    Where do you get all these buttons from?! theres sooo many!!

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  5. sommer says:

    Love your button collection! So rainbow-y and pretty!!! You should totally check out this website for buttons, it neat and I love it! (PS- I searched ‘buttons’ and then copied the address so you could be directly there)

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