Four Little Pumpkins (Part 4)




Today at Busted Button we have a guest blogger! It’s Lindsay from The Frogging Turtle. She is gonna talk us thru today’s tutorial, where she will explain how to make this pumpkin here:

“Step one: Poke lollipops into your pumpkin.”:P

Thanks, Lindsay!

Hehehe. She’s basically right, though. This is a pretty simple pumpkin to create. The sweetest thing about it is that it’s PRACTICALLLLLL! It is the perfect display to put outside to greet trick-or-treaters when no ones home because you are out trick-or-treating yourself!

Not that Lindsay’s description was lacking in anyway, but I already took more photos so I might as well explain some more ;P

Step 1: Pick your pumpkin and DON’T gut it! (YAY- easy!)

I suppose you could gut it now… you have to do it eventually, as I am assuming you will be using the guts to make this delicious soup stock, and roasting the seeds, and making some pumpkin puree when Halloween is over, riiiigghhhtht?

Step 2: Get stabby. Use a stabber (that’s what this is called, right?) and poke holes an inch and a half apart into the victim. This is one of the best sensations ever. You know what I’m talkin bout.

Step 3: Continue to stab the surface of the pumpkin like so.

Step 4: Start sticking some lolly pops into the holes! I organized mine in a rainbow pattern because I have a strong case of OCD love happiness…

Carry on until your pumpkin is full of lollypops! Kinda cool looking, huh?

Well there you have it! My fourth and final pumpkin of the year! If you want to take a look at my first three pumpkins, follow the links found in my pumpkin guts post right here. 

Happy Stabbing!

OH! And Happy Halloween! Everyone have a fun and safe day/night!

Ya know what? To celebrate I am gonna share some pics of my kiddos costumes for this year!


My cute lil dragons ❤


Awww look at their cute little dragon bummmms ❤ I can’t believe my baby is a toddler now! Seems like just last year he was a cute little bananne:

Because he was ❤

Now for my favorite costume of all time!


Asherburgerrrrrrr ❤ Complete with sesame seed bun! I got this last year at Old Navy- but I haven’t seen another kiddo wearing one! Gah so cute! He is one happy hamburger!

My daughter is going as… a princess… again… which I think she has gone as every single year… except for when we dressed her as a cave baby… anyone else’s daughter like that?? Hahah! Oh! One year we went trick or treating with a bunch of young adults who were dressed like zombies… so she was a zombie. A zombie princess.

She makes a pretty great princess though! If I get any good pics this year I’ll be sure to update this post!

Happy Halloweening!





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2 Responses to Four Little Pumpkins (Part 4)

  1. Candice says:

    Autumn always gets a new (used) costume for halloween but as soon as its the big day she busts out the pink unicorn costume and insists on being that again… three halloweens in a row.

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