Chocolate Spiders (Chocrachnophobia)

My son had a Halloween party today (which I thought was tomorrow and resulted in a mad rush/ mommy melt-down! OOPS. I guess I should finally unpack my calendar…)

Anyways, I thought I’d share a tutorial on the delicious infestation I created to top the cupcakes which I had signed up to make! I have another post coming tonight, my fourth and final pumpkin post, just in time for Halloween tomorrow! So lucky you get a double portion of Busted Button Halloweenyness today!

Aren’t those just the creepiest things you have ever seen? So creepy, in fact, that you must be dying to make them for a halloween treat! They are pretty darn easy- check it out:

All you need is a spider template (I printed mine out from google images), chocolate chips, Junior Mints, Glosettes, or any chocolate candy in a variety of shapes and sizes, a piping or ziplock bag, and some parchment paper.

Step 1: Melt the chocolate. For more detailed instructions on that, check out my post on homemade peppermint patties here.

Step 2: Transfer your melted chocolate to a piping bag (or ziplock bag) and cut the slightest bit off the corner of the bag.

What a glorious arsenal of chocolate that is!!!

Next, pay attention to your child who you have been ignoring for the morning…

Hi, son, that is some lovely cheese you are rolling out…

Step 3: Place your spidery template on a tray under a piece of parchment paper, and get ready to pipe. some pickled peppers. heheh just kidding about the peppers part. AHH so many P’s!!!!!

Step 4: Slowly pipe the chocolate over the images of the spiders. It took me a few spiders to really get the hang of it, and they do not have to be perfect-so be patient! Soon you’ll be on a roll!

Step 5: While the chocolate is still melty, pop a candy on that spiders back.

This is where your arsenal of different sized and shaped chocolates comes in handy. No two spiders are the same. Some have those disgusting big butts :’O

Some have 2 gross sections and jump at you when you least expect it! :’O

But they’re all disgusting and need to be placed in the refrigerator for a good 10 minutes to harden.

Step 6: Carefully peel the hardened spiders from the parchment paper…

OHMIGOSH!!! WHERE’D THEY GO?!?! There is not but a shadow of their ghosts remaining!



Oh, here they are.

Now that you’ve made these disgusting yet tasty critters, you can either serve them as is, or you can use them to top a delicious chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream.


Do a little of this…

and a little of that…

and top it with an arachnid like so.

Pack those babies up and get them out of your scared sight!

Have fun making/eating these scrumptious spiders, and stay tuned for my fourth pumpkin post tonight!!!!

Now if you want to see some UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS cupcakes- check out Buttercream Couture’s recent post about how to make salted caramel chocolate cupcakes right here.

Happy spider-making and cupcake-baking!



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13 Responses to Chocolate Spiders (Chocrachnophobia)

  1. gail says:

    You are so creative and those look AWESOME!!!!

  2. aw thanks gail- yer making me even more emo that i already was today!

  3. Patch says:

    Very impressive and it looks easy too. Might have to try on our Halloween fairy cakes today!

  4. Joni says:

    Hey Dot, it’s Joni from back in Vanier days! These are awesome! I wish I had discovered them a few weeks ago, but I just only found your blog the other day. I am now scouring it and being very jealous of your artistic-ness!

  5. Joni says:

    HI!!! I’m good! Glad to see you’re doing well and creating your own HUGE family! 🙂 I’m not on fb, so you’ll have trouble 🙂 (although you can connect with my work,….I’m the Marketing Manager!) You on Twitter?

  6. Oooh sounds interesting! I was sad to not see you on fb 😦 I understand tho- i avoided it for a while lol. Im not on twitter…well I was on for a week and had a feud with a celeb lol.

    • Joni says:

      Yes, I haven’t succumbed to fb yet 😛 Good to see you’re close…I’m in Nanaimo now. Your stuff is great and I’m enjoying catching up on what you’ve been up to. How’s the rest of the fam?

  7. nice!!! we are doing good.. deb is in vancouver and selling the sweetest dresses she makes. so cool.

  8. Amada says:

    I know I’m tardy to the party on these but I can’t find a template that’ll work for this to save my life 😐

  9. Amanda says:

    I am so making these tonight for my sons Halloween party tomorrow :). Thanks for inspiration!

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