Excuse me, Ma’am, There’s a Life-Sized Witch in Your Window.

So- I have a massive window above my stairwell on the front of my house- I’m talking huuuuge:

It even has a huge cill, which is reminiscent of a window seat- it would make such a great reading nook- except for the fact that it is inaccessible… well my hubby managed to display some of his Lego collection up there but it isn’t the most inviting location, considering that it is 8 feet off the ground.

It’s a great window- it looks pretty and lets a lot of light in, but there are a two problems with it:

1: It is really hard to come up with a way to decorate it for holidays (and I love my holiday decorating!)

2: It gives a plain view into my kitchen, where I reside for most of the day, and I like       to not wear clothes  my privacy.

So, I was pretty excited that this decoration I decided to do solves both of these problems! I figured this window would be the perfect place to display a big, creepy, Halloweeny silhouette.

To make a silhouette that large, I just used some tar paper, which you can find at any hardware store for relatively cheap. Now I needed some inspiration for my decoration!

I love you, Martha. She is the master of creating anything, and she is obsessed with Halloween, so I knew she could help me!

In her Halloween Handbook, I found some awesome templates. She also gives away these templates on her website here.

I chose the witch, but before I could enlarge her, I needed some help to hold down the corners of my paper! But where was I gonna find 4 single guys to do my bidding on a busy weekend morning?

Oh, hey fellas! Don’t mind if I do.

Thanks, boys!

So now you need to transfer the image from the graph onto your huge piece of paper. You can do what the instructions tell you on the link to the template, or you can use the grid system, which is explained here, and works great…

…but I just shook what my mama gave me and drew that baby free-hand.

Next, cut that witch right out!

Now… the difficult part. How was I going to get up to that window when the hubby wasn’t around to help me? I suppose I could have waited an hour… but I hate waiting… and I wanted the witch to greet everyone when they got home.

It was so high… but the banisters were pretty stable…

So up I went! Note the tag on my inside-out sweater. FASH-ON.

If I had the supplies, I think I would have used a really sticky masking tape to hang the witch, but all I had was a bit of red hockey tape and some sticky tack, which I’ve had kicking around for over a decade…

I think people used to use this stuff a lot more than they do now! It gave me memories LOL!

Before I stuck the paper to the window, I made sure there was no condensation or anything that would get in the way of a good affix-ing.

And there she was- standing pretty in her place of honor!

And I was stuck.

I guess it’s easier to climb up than it is to get down… and since I’m preggo, I didn’t want to get too risky… although I had no problem getting up… heh.

So I had to wait til these things got home:

“Dad there’s a witch in the window! And what is that silhouette next to her?” Hehehe.

After my dramatic rescue, I stared at this gal for a long while, and figured she needed something more…

Link! Stop playing with the broom! WAITTTTT!!!!!! THAT’S IT!!!!

“Get your paws off my broom, Ma, I’ve got things to do, girl.”

K fine, whatever, I can find a better broom anyways. Stupid cleaning baby 😦


Now, to wait for nightfall to snap the perfect picture!

There’s my witch! I love her so much! I’m already thinking about all the different silhouettes I can put up in that window depending on the season/ holiday! It is so festive, but simple, and not tacky (in my opinion, which borders on tacky most of the time.)

What a perfect solution to my naked cooking privacy issue!

Well, clearly I love me some Halloween and if you want to see more Busted Button Halloweeny-ness, Check out my October posts so far:

Button Tree Pumpkin

Jack Skellington Pumpkin

Button BOO! Pumpkin (with a fun surprise)

How to use pumpkin guts to make a delicious stock! 

I’m working on some rats, cats and bats to put in my other front windows, I will share those soon. Hopefully I can get them done before Halloween! So much to do, so little time! I’ve still got to post about pumpkin seeds, and my fourth and final pumpkin of the year! Oh, and I can’t forget about sharing my pumpkin-puree tips!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Halloween season too!

Happy naked cooking  Sunday evening?


I finished the rest of my silhouettes! They are from the same place I got the witch template- here. 

Here are some pics of my living room and kid’s room windows:


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8 Responses to Excuse me, Ma’am, There’s a Life-Sized Witch in Your Window.

  1. Melissa says:

    I love that witch! I love that you got stuck! I LOVE NAKED COOKING!

  2. bug-a-lug says:

    good morning larf hahahaa

  3. Grace says:

    I continue to think you are an amazing creative young woman

  4. Karen says:

    I have been wanting to do silhouettes in my front windows – but I was stuck on black paper. I didn’t want to spend money on it. But tar paper – we have some in the garage. Thanks!

  5. Pingback: Snowflake Window Garlands | Busted Button

  6. katehallberg says:

    Please snip this bit when you’ve read it since I don’t want to be a weenie. You spelled “sill”, as in windowsill as “cill”. I know, brain glitches happen. Sometimes on my phone I end up entering a word into Chrome’s search box because I can’t for the life of me figure out how to spell something. 🙀

    It’s so fun to decorate for holidays, isn’t it? Especially Halloween. I’m looking at Martha Stewart’s big creepy window silhouettes this year, like the person lurking in the corners or the giant birds. I started with wanting bats and rats, added Ravens and it’s spreading to these big ‘uns. My partner has a Hammond organ in our front room so we can sound creepy too- maybe I can add flute (high shrieks and low spookiness!). Ooooo!

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