National Button Day! (Button Ball Ornaments)

WELL apparantly it is National Button Day today!!! (So says the internet LOL.) If this is true, and even if it’s not, I have to celebrate by sharing a button craft!

I am so anxious to start decorating for Christmas, but my hubby is forbidding it until December- I’ve had a few way-too-early decorating years, and by the time December 25th came along, it had lost a bit of it’s magic.

Well, I may not be decorating, but I AM orggganizing my decorations!!!

And while I’m at it, I might as well MAKE some decorations >:)

This is a box of decorations that I bought from Michaels last year after Christmas. I’ve never actually done Boxing Day shopping or Christmas discount shopping before! But last year I was so sick between Christmas and New Year’s that I wasn’t able to visit family right away like I normally do. So I had some spare time on my hands and went shopping! These decorations cost between 10 and 60 cents. I packed them away and have been waiting patiently to see them again ever since!

So, in the spirit of National Button Day (aka every day around here!) I got out some Christmassy buttons! (Pardon the hair ties- you will see what THOSE turned into on Monday morning.)

I decided to make some really quick buttonized decorations, using these plastic balls:

Let’s get to work!

Step 1: Using hot glue, stick a button right on the bottom of your glastic (heh) ball.

Step 2: Continue glueing different sized buttons all over your ornament. You can do a lot or a little, it’s up to you. I put these ones on fairly sparse because I am lazy I like the look.

Step 3: Keep gluing buttons on until they are evenly distributed over the ball.

Step 4: Get yourself some ribbon, and use it to make little bows to attach to the top of the ornament.

After you put a bow on, use either another piece of ribbon, or a wire ornament hanger to make the ball hang-able. Now these baby’s are ready to display!

Since I wasn’t allowed to decorate, I settled and just stored them:

Yes, they are just being stored there… they aren’t decorating anything… just taking up space until I start decorating on December first.

How cute are these?!?!?!

Get out of my shot with your ‘turtle’ ornament, Captain! I am trying to take a perfectly good photo!

Oh, now another one is up to no good:


These ornaments are so beautiful they were the inspiration my 18 month old needed to start climbing onto tables.

Anyways- MAKE THESE!!!

That is all.

Happy National Button Day!


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4 Responses to National Button Day! (Button Ball Ornaments)

  1. LOVE!!!
    do you know anywhere local that sells the clear ornaments?

    • hmmmm i dont know! i dont get out too much- i just got these when they were super cheap at michaels… but i honestly cant think of somewhere local that would have em… and theyd prob be from the same source anyways. but lemme think about it for a bit and ill let ya know if i recall anything 🙂

  2. Oh! hmmm I’m surprised the weren’t at walmart!

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