Paper Button Christmas Tree

I’m sure you have all seen plenty of Christmasy cone-trees on Pinterest these days! Check out this pic of one of the neatest boards about this craft (click the pic to take you there):

I decided to steal a few of the ideas and create my own version. I mixed the button tree, and the paper trees to get… the paper button tree. I needed to take my Martha Stewart button paper punch for a spin, anyways.

All I used to make this tree was a stack of Christmas card stock, my button punch, a styrofoam cone, some eye or head pins, brown buttons for the trunk, and a gold button for the top! And glue. I definitely used glue.

First I made my trunk using 6 big wooden buttons. I threaded two eye pins through two holes of each button that are across from each other, then bent the eyes down so this trunk would actually stand up straight and sturdy:

then I stabbed the pins through the base of my styrafoam cone like theeeeessss:

And then I enjoyed a pickle on a fork. I don’t like touching pickles with my fingers. And you can quote me on that.

Ohmagosh! This punch makes the cutest little embossed buttons:


I punched a big ol pile of these baby’s in a variety of different colors and patterns. If you don’t have this exact punch, any circle punch will do just fine. But we all know circles are just buttons in disguise anyways. 😉

I started to glue them to the bottom of the cone with some plain old white glue. Eventually I switched to hot glue, because it was faster and sturdier, though if you were using a lighter weight card stock or paper, white glue would work just fine.

I love my little spectators! They watched as I glued my first row on, leaving the bottom third of the buttons hanging like that.

For the next row I layered them over the first row, making sure to try to hide the styrofoam underneath.

Watch as this thing takes shape! It came together pretty quickly!


Now I had to hide this top part here:

There! But it still needed some more buttony embellishing!

So I used another eye pin to attach this neat gold button to the top as a ‘star’.

It looks so nice on my mantle next to a jar of buttons and a random photo of my big brother. Hi, Donnie!

Coconut monkey is pleased.

So am I. What a cute tree! As you heard, I’m not allowed to decorate until December 1st, so this decoration is just being stored on the mantle temporarily. Until January >:)

Happy Button-Punching!!! Violence sometimes IS the answer 😉


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