Merry Christmas!

I still have a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve night. I wake up every 10 minutes and feel like 3 hours have passed… but it is only… 1o minutes. Do any other adults still do that?!?!!? Christmas is so darn exciting!!! I couldn’t wait for my kids to see what was waiting for them:

IMG_8612Such fun!!!

But not as fun as the other surprise!!!

IMG_8665WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! We had a snowfall a week ago but it was almost all gone by Christmas Eve, so we were pretty happy to see it back in action on Christmas Day!

This was my fave thing to see under the tree:

IMG_8622I got such cute little presents from my daughter!

I got her something extra special- and I couldn’t wait to see her reaction:

IMG_8539Her very own button collection!

IMG_8620She loved it so much. I took a video of her reaction since I knew it would be a good one- I will post that when the blasted thing finally uploads haha.

HERE IT IS- (pardon the quality hahaha)

Oh man, she is so silly.

IMG_8636Link was in love with the little mouse puppet I got him!!! He kept walking around saying “Hello, there.” and “High Five” in a leeettle mousey voice!

IMG_8647The neck pillow and slinky were a hit with Asher hahaa. You never know with him!

IMG_8651Captain loved every single thing he got… even his new toothbrush…and doesn’t he look cute in this beaver hat??

IMG_8649I even braved the snow. In ma slippers…

IMG_8658Then proceeded indoors to take photos from the window! Haahah!

I was so happy that it snowed for our family who was in town from Victoria (where it never snows!)

merry christmasAnyways, I’m off to have my annual Christmas day nap! I hope your day is filled with loveliness!


Merry Christmas!!!


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