Scrap Wood and Paper Christmas Sign (and a Whole Lot of Christmas Cheer)

If you haven’t seen my simple paper and button Christmas tree garland tutorial– check it out- and notice the part where I said to save your scraps? WELL that is because you can use them to make something equally as awesome!

IMG_8457It was such a beautiful day for Christmas crafting!!!

Here is how I turned some scraps into something beautiful!

IMG_7888All I did was I got a pile of uneven and messy looking triangle and stump scraps that were left over from making my garland, some watered-down white acrylic paint, and a piece of old wood. This happened to be a four foot long 2×6, but you could use anything!

IMG_7889Step 1: Paint some quick and simple hills on the wood with your watered-down paint. I watered it down because I wanted to see the wood peeking through. Oooh, rustic.

IMG_7891Step 2: Glue some trunks onto your green triangles with some plain old white glue. You will be using this glue to stick the trees to the wood as well:

IMG_7892Step 3: Glue the trees to the wood.

IMG_7893Step 4: Add a ‘Merry Christmas’ sticker if you have one kicking around! Or you could paint something or use a stencil… or you could just stick with the trees! That was my original plan! How cute would these trees look with little buttons glued on them like I did on my garland?!?!

IMG_7894Step 5: BABY BUMP!!!!! hehehehe.

IMG_7895Step 6: LET IT SNOW!!! I added some little snowflake cut-outs here and there. You could use spots of paint OR you could even use an evergreen branch to make snowflakes like I did in my Painting With Evergreens tutorial!

IMG_7896Such a pretty winter wonderland!

IMG_7898I’m so happy with this sweet sign, and I found a place of honor for it right away.

I hope this has given you some last-minute Christmas decorating ideas! ONLY FIVE MORE DAYS til the big day!

IMG_7897I don’t know if I’ll be sharing anything else on here until after Christmas, (although I’m sure I will be posting my brains out on Facebook) so MERRY CHRISTMASSSSSS from my family to yours! Wow, our fam seems a lot bigger when you look at us in the form of stockings! Although it is nothing compared to what I grew up with- let’s see if I can dig a photo out of the vault…

murraystockingsSo glorious! We had the best Christmases ever- nothing too crazy so we weren’t spoiled brats… but Christmas with a dozen people under one roof is the best experience ever- I’d highly recommend it 😉

I have to say, I’m pretty darn excited to add a new stocking to our fireplace next year 🙂

301246_260191360774176_435688756_nThis baby is already pretty unhappy with the size of his little stocking! Hahaha. Sorry, Link, maybe next year we will upgrade you.

(He was actually cranky because I wouldn’t give him my scissors… so naturally I had to take a photo. Mom of the year.)



PS. I HAVE TO SHARE my family’s Santa photo from a couple of years back… think of it as a card from me to you- You are so very welcome for this masterpiece!


Yes we were wearing makeup, and yes we paid our children not to smile. It was so very challenging, but it worked out pretty good huh? We were going for the ‘vintage zombie orphanage’ look.

And on that note,

Merry Christmas… again.

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2 Responses to Scrap Wood and Paper Christmas Sign (and a Whole Lot of Christmas Cheer)

  1. Patch says:

    Merry Christmas Hon, have a great one xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your family is so cute and funny! I love your creative ideas! Good luck with the newest addition! I’m sure he/she will fit right in with your precious family! The Santa non smiling picture is the best! Blessings! In His name, Kathryn Callahan

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