Paper and Button Christmas Tree Garland

Now that my 12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities series is complete (which you HAVE to check out- you have a week until the big day- so you’ve got to try some of these quick, easy and fun treats with the kids!), I am back to my crafting ways!

I made a super-easy and super-cute Christmas tree garland, using some card stock and a bunch of stuff that I had kicking around the house!

IMG_8458Pardon the dark photos- I was a little bit rushed on the editing today! See that white stuff? It was quite distracting… in the best kind of way.

Cute garland though- isn’t it??? Here is how I made it!

IMG_7722I got myself 3 different shades and patterns of green card stock (you could use one color or five- and I just bought this stuff from the dollar store!), and I grabbed some gold card stock for the trunk.  I cut out trunks and some triangles that were around 4 inches high and 3 inches wide.

I saved all of my uneven scraps to use for another awesome Christmas project that I will be sharing in the next couple of days- so hoard those scraps!

IMG_7724What a nice green forest. But they are in desperate need for something:

IMG_7725Buttttttonnnnnnns! So grab your biggest jar of buttons, and pick out some good ones!


I just used white glue to stick 3 buttons to each tree and to glue the trunk on. Originally I was simply going to glue just one yellow or gold button to the top of the tree- that would have been cute too!


I made 6 of each colored tree for this garland- so 18 trees all together, which was a perfect size to string above my front window!

IMG_7727This is a perfect craft to involve the kids and/or husband.

IMG_7729Out of my (literally)  hundreds of decorative choices, my son chose to decorate his Christmas trees… with Christmas trees. Hahaha! I love him!

IMG_7730He was so proud and had us hang it in his room right away 🙂

Speaking of hanging…

IMG_8451This is the easiest garland I’ve ever strung! No sewing or threading required! Just lay out your trees, get a long enough piece of ribbon and some scotch tape…

IMG_8452…and tape the ribbon to the backs of your trees! Make sure to stick the ribbon on the top half of the tree to ensure it will hang nicely and not get all twisty.


This garland complemented our first snowy day pretty well. I love the snow. I love Christmas.

I hope you all have a perfect week-before-Christmas!!! ONLY A WEEEEEK 😀

Happy tree-stringing and carol-singing!

OH!!! I JUST got more of my Stand Mixer charms in the mail- So now I can restock my Stand Mixer Earrings: 

stand mixer earrings

I’ve been waiting- and I know a lot of you have been waiting for these too!! I sold out so quickly once they were shared by some lovely ladies at Buttercream Couture and Sweetopia, but I have some new ones! I guess I will be making earrings today! Check out my Etsy Shop for interesting art and jewelry- or just be entertained by some of the descriptions… hehe.



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