Snacktivity For the Birds *12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities-Day 12*

Well, it is the FINAL snacktivity of my series! Only 12 more days til Christmas Eve, and OH, YOU KNEW I WOULD SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST!!!!!

My kids had the most fun with this snacktivity BY FAR!

Check out these tasty ingredients:

IMG_7923MMmmmm delicious AND nutritious- plain gelatin and bird seed!

That’s right, we are making up for all these sugary sweets we’ve been making by taking the next 2 weeks before Christmas to do a cleanse!

Just kidding. Ew.

We are making  a delicious snack for the birds- because they deserve a festive treat too! I first saw this cute idea here at eighteen25. I thought I’d double the recipe, but that wound up being unnecessary!

Well, let’s do this thang!

IMG_7937In a small pot, mix one packet of gelatin with 1/4 of a cup of water, and bring to a simmer. Stir it around until it is dissolved, take it off the heat and then add some…

IMG_7938birdseed. 3/4 of a cup of bird seed!

IMG_7939Stir it up! If there is any moisture left on the bottom of the pan, just add a bit more seed. Now set this aside for a bit too cool down. Meanwhile…

IMG_7940Line a tray with parchment paper (man I should seriously be getting paid by Mr. Parchment for the amount I have been using in this series!) and choose some Christmassy  (or not Christmassy, if you are reading this at a non- Christmassy time!) cookie cutters to place on the tray.

IMG_7941Next, prepare some hangers for these hanging bird treats. Just take around 6 inches of twine, string or yarn of any kind and fold it in half and tie it like that!

IMG_7943Now, fill the cookie cutters halfway with the seed mixture, making sure to press it in pretty firmly.

IMG_7944Next, lay the hanger over the half-filled cutter.

IMG_7945Fill the cutter the rest of the way up, again, making sure to press it in pretty firmly.

IMG_7948Awww! Good job kiddos!

Why is my daughter wearing that hood, you ask?

IMG_7952Cuz she’s a bird, duh.

Like I said before, I unnecessarily doubled the recipe and I had a lot of seed mixture left over. So we just scattered that on our patio.

IMG_7949Which made for an amazing week of bird and other-visitors! My kids were watching out the window like it was T.V!

Let your shapes dry in the cutters for at least 4 hours- but overnight is probably a better idea!

IMG_7964I was really surprised at how sturdy these things wound up!!! Aren’t they neat!?!?


What a perfect way to wrap up The 12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities! With a little nature-watching:

IMG_8092This Stellar’s Jay is one of my fave birds! I used to see em in my back yard all the time growing up, but I haven’t seen one in the 11 years since I’ve left home- but now that I’m back out of the City, they come visit all the time!!! 🙂

IMG_8164We had a lot of squirrel-interest too!

IMG_8223Cute lil birdies 🙂

IMG_8287I tried to get a better photo of this black squirrel. His tail was sooooooo nasty looking!!!! It looked like a gross, bare, mangy twig!

And on that note, I hope you enjoyed this series of easy, quick, and festive fun treats to make with your kids this year! You’ve got 12 more days before Christmas, so pick your favorites, and get busy!

Here is the link to the table of contents for the whole series- Days 1-12, for easy access:

12 days of Christmas Snacktivities Well, I will probably only be sharing a couple more crafty posts before the New Year- I need to focus on my Etsy Shop and Christmastime at my place! Thanks for reading!!!

Happy Bird-feeding and seeding!



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4 Responses to Snacktivity For the Birds *12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities-Day 12*

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  2. Kim says:

    The little birdies with black heads are Oregon Junco’s. Cute idea!

  3. stephanie schaap says:

    these are brilliant, i know i’m reading these in July but i just found your blog and i’m getting so inspired. Thanks 🙂

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