12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities!

I am so excited to present Busted Button’s 12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities!!!!

Whaatttt is a ‘snacktivity’, you ask? It is a snack that is so fun and easy to put together that it makes for a perfect activity to do with a kid or 5!

Every day from December 1st-12th I will be posting a new fun and christmassy treat that is super quick and easy to create!

The best thing about these snacks!??!?! They don’t require baking!!!!!! Barely any measuring either! This is just pure, sugary fun with impressive results! So, get ready to have some fun making festive treats WITH yer kiddos this year!

And don’t be fooled- just because these are fun, doesn’t mean they aren’t tasty and potluck-able! Everyone will be pretty happy to enjoy these treats with you.

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Day One: Christmas Bugle “Ice Cream Cones”IMG_7597

Day Two: Rice Krispie Trees:IMG_7297

Day 3: Cinnamon Sugar Vanilla Pretzels: IMG_7260

Day 4: Cookie Icing Sandwiches (A.K.A. “Mockaroons”):


Day 5: Pretzel Kiss Candies:


Day 6: Edible Christmas Lights:


Day 7: Homemade Hot Chocolate (and Christmassy Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows)


Day 8: Christmas Brownie Bites:


Day 9: Dipped Candy Canes (Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks):


Day 10: Christmas Peppermint Patties:


Day 11- Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Pops:


Day 12-Snacktivity for the Birds:


AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!! 12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities! There are only 12 more days before Christmas- so pick your fave idea and get busy!!! Thanks for following along with me 🙂

Merry Christmas!!!


P.S. Thanks Jody for making my nifty snacktivitiy poster up there! You rule! Check out Jody’s sweet photography etc. here. 


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9 Responses to 12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    You’re mom must be so proud of you!
    Ya she is…

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