Christmas Brownie Bites *12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities- Day8*

For day 8 of 12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities I am sharing something pretty cute and versatile:
IMG_8171Mmmmm baby. How sweet are these little santa hat brownie bites? And they involve fruit! SO HEALTY! I used all cheater ingredients to make these- because when I’m busy at Christmastime I’d rather spend time having fun than measuring! And follow this tutorial for some other super easy ideas along these lines… so let’s get started!!!

IMG_8161 Alll ya need for this snacktivity is some two-bite brownies (or whatever they call those mini brownie bites where you live), a tub of store bought cream cheese icing (or any icing or even whipped cream!), strawberries, and assorted candies for decorating!

IMG_8162 It made me a bit crazy that there were 17 brownies in the bag… way too random. PS these brownies happen to be DAIRY-FREE! The icing isn’t, so I had to eat brownie #17 before I tainted it.

IMG_8165 Strawberries are not in season this time of year- so I could only find them in one store! ANNND they were so expensive. These stupid strawberries were almost ONE DOLLAR EACH!!! Hubby picked em up for me- it’s his fault.

Back to the tutorial

Step 1: Clean and trim the tops off of the strawberries. All four of them 😡
IMG_8166 Step 2: Swirl or spread some icing onto the brownie bite. I used a pastry bag and the big old 1M tip.

IMG_8167 Step 3: Top with a strawberry, and dollop some icing on top to finish the hat off!

Well, since I only had 4 strawberries to work with, I needed to improvise!

IMG_8172 I racked my brain trying to figure out what I could squish on top of these iced brownies!

And I remembered my stash of big, cheap, sugary Christmas bell jelly candies!

IMG_8173 They needed something though…

IMG_8174 A party mint ‘star’. Those pass off as Christmas trees right?!?

I had some red bells too, so I made some less-healthy (ha!) Santa hats while I was at it:


What a nice collection of festive treats!

And that leaves us with only FOUR more days of Christmas Snacktivities!!!! (And that means only 16 more days until Christmas!!!! AHHHH so exciting!

12 days of Christmas Snacktivities You can check out all of my Christmas Snacktivities by clicking on this picture. I hope you are being inspired to have fun with the kiddos whilst making simple treats this year!!

Happy Brownie Decorating!



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