Dipped Candy Canes (Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks) *12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities-Day 9*

Today, on the 9th day of Christmas Snacktivities, I am sharing one of my personal favorites:

IMG_8200Chocolate-dipped Candy Canes!! These are perfect for eating the way they are, but really, they are as a stir stick for your hot chocolate! GENIUS IDEA! Thank you, Pinterest!

A couple of days back I posted my homemade hot chocolate recipe. It is super easy, and you will probably never buy the pre-made stuff again! So check that out, grab a kid to help you, and then make these!!!

IMG_8191This was my helper of the day. Don’t let his blank stare fool you, he was super excited to make these simple treats! Okay, he wasn’t really, but he was pretty excited that he just dumped a container of sugar all over himself and my house. ASHERRRR! Oh well, have some chocolate chips, son, and observe this magic!

IMG_8194Allll you need to make these decked-out candy canes is some melted chocolate (white, dark, or both), some decorations if you’d like (I used chocolate sprinkles and crushed candy canes), and… candy canes… obviously.

IMG_8195Step 1: Dip the candy cane in melted chocolate.

To melt the chocolate, just stick your chips, chunks or wafers in a microwavable bowl, and nuke it in 20 second intervals until it is JUST melted.

IMG_8197Step 2: Roll the dipped chocolatey ends into your decorations and place on a parchment paper-lined tray.

IMG_8198You can also use the contrasting chocolate to shake some class onto your candy canes like that!

IMG_8199Step 3: Refrigerate for 5 minutes, or until the chocolate has hardened, and serve on a Christmassy plate…

IMG_8206…or you could break out the mason jar if you want to be a real mom-blogger. Isn’t this a cute little hot chocolate station? I just unpacked our Christmas mugs today! Growing up, everyone in my fam had their own Christmas mug. (That was a lot of freaking mugs.) And when I first got married, my mom gave me and the hubby a couple of our own, and so we’ve carried on the tradition with our kids!

Let’s see how these little treats fared with my helper/observer, shall we?

IMG_8207“You dare to interrupt my sugar-throwing festivities?” (He is non-verbal so I can speak for him AND invent his accent- which happens to be that of an American-Italian mobster.)IMG_8208“What is this baloney?”

IMG_8209“Innneresting”IMG_8210“Don’t mind if I do.”

IMG_8212“Oh yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.”

IMG_8213HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAH  HE loves it! And you will too 😉

Check out this link to see the table of contents of this little series:

12 days of Christmas Snacktivities Happy Candy cane-dipping and chocolate-sipping!




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  2. I’m really enjoying for 12 days of Christmas Snackivities – and your blog in general! 🙂

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