Christmas Peppermint Patties *12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities-Day 10*

Today I am sharing a twist on my peppermint patties that I made way back when… For the exact recipe check out that old post here. 

For my 10th day of Christmas snacktivites I put a festive spin on those delightful chocolates (that taste JUST like the store-bought kind- and can easily be made dairy-free while remaining equally delish!)

IMG_8266Mmmmm peppermint popsicles and christmas treeees. Not only did I decorate these in a Christmassy manor, but I also added a holiday touch to the inside of them! Let’s get started!

IMG_8228After I made my peppermint patty dough, (SO EASY!!!!) (And I used honey instead of corn syrup this time and it worked just as well) I divided it into two halves, and colored each one with a bit of coloring:

IMG_8229Then I kneaded the coloring in until it was evenly distributed like so:

IMG_8230Oooh. Even.

IMG_8232Next I took small sections of the dough and rolled em into snakes.

IMG_8233Then I did the twist.

IMG_8235The peppermint twist 😉 I gave it a lil extra roll.

IMG_8236And I turned it into a spiral that no lollypop stick could deny!

IMG_8239Next I got stabby.  And while these babies were hardening up in the fridge for 10 minutes, I started on my peppermint trees.

IMG_8241I wanted these trees to have a striped inside, so I laid out a few snakes (on parchment paper)

IMG_8243And rolled them to around an 1/8th of an inch thickness, with another piece of parchment paper on top to prevent sticking.

IMG_8244Pretty! I stuck that in the fridge for 10 mins as well, and prepared to dip my peppermint lollypop patties!

IMG_8247I just melted some chocolate in the microwave (see original pep. patty recipe for detailed instructions on that), crushed the life out of my 100th candy cane of the year, and proceeded to cover the lollypops in chocolate!

IMG_8248Like that! When the chocolate was still wet, I sprinkled the dead candy cane over it. More pictures of that to come, but first…

IMG_8250Back to the striped trees! I cut a simple 1.5″ triangle shape out of the refrigerated peppermint dough…

IMG_8251and with a fork and a paintbrush I covered both sides in chocolate, as cleanly as I could.

IMG_8252It was definitely a bit messy, but after these guys hardened, it was so easy to remove the excess chocolate.

IMG_8255I added some crushed candy cane and a candy cane ‘trunk’ – HOW CUTE?!?!

Then I realized… I hadn’t gotten my kids involved yet! Good thing I had some scraps 😉

IMG_8256We rolled the scraps into little balls like this.

IMG_8257And then dipped em and decorated em like that!

They had a blast and did a surprisingly good job!

IMG_8258My little slaves lovies ❤

IMG_8260Once everything was dipped and decorated, they went back into the fridge for 5 minutes, until the chocolate was hardened.

Then it was time to enjoy our bounty!!!

IMG_8274MMMMM let’s check out a view of the inside:

IMG_8270So perfect!

IMG_8280Even the kids imperfect peppermint balls turned out really nicely!

Lets check out an inside view of those cute lil Christmas trees:

IMG_8272Stripy goodness!

IMG_8284Let’s just say hubby was pretty happy to come home to this today! Like I said they ACTUALLY taste and feel like store-bought peppermint patties- and you HAVE to make em.

And so leaves only Day 11 and 12 of my 12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities! Once again, to check out the table of contents and easy-access to all the recipes in this fun series click this link:

12 days of Christmas Snacktivities

Happy Pepper-minting and Present-hinting (Someone tell my husband to get me these.)


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