Homemade Hot Chocolate (and Christmassy Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows) *12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities-Day 7*



For today’s snacktivity I am sharing TWO ideas! I’m just counting the first one as the official ‘snacktivity’ because it is sooo easy and quick… the second one… not so much- thought it is definitely worth a try! We will call the homemade marshmallows a bonus.

I love homemade hot chocolate! My mom always used to make it for us when we’d come inside from playing in the snow! Handy thing about this recipe is that you can make it dairy-free by just using your favorite milk substitute- I like almond or coconut milk-rather than bovine juice. Wow. I’m really proud of myself for that disgusting term…”bovine juice.”

So this recipe can be dairy and gluten free for all you sensitive folk out there! AND it can be VEGAN too! (And it is STILL delicious!)


Step 1: Mix 3-4 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder with 2 tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt in your mug of choice. Mug choice makes a difference- let’s be honest.


Try to get as many of the lumpy bits as you can broken up.



Step 2: Microwave a cup of bovine juice (can’t stop saying it!!!) for a minute and a half-or until it is your preferred hot chocolate temp.


Step 3: Slowly add a bit of the milk to your hot chocolate mixture, and stir it thoroughly, to remove any lumpers.


Then add the rest of your milk- and yer done! No need to ever buy the cheap crud again! This still needed some Christmassy cheer on top…


You can add your favorite toppings to this- pepperoniiiii, pineapple, etc. I just used mini marshmallows and some crushed candy canes! Notice the cup change? That’s cuz this one is so huge it is almost majestic…


Not unlike the creeping panther that graces the front of it!


This hot chocolate is so good, even the angels bask in it’s glory!

Okay- now for the bonus!!! Homemade marshmallows- dipped in chocolate- perfect for your new-found cup of hot chocolate!

I hope you remember my first marshmallow attempt:


Even though I failed that test miserably, I persevered and made these:

SO these little caramel marshmallow escargot were part of Buttercream Couture’s Caramel series. After I made them, I had a pile of leftover marshmallow:

That’s a big slab of fluffy, sticky goodness! Check out Melissa’s amazing (and hilarious!) recipe for homemade marshmallows here. 

I wanted to make these extra-special for the kids, so instead of just cutting out the typical square or circle marshmallows, I got out my holiday cutters!

Ya know- I don’t like baking much, but I love a good cookie cutter collection!

I used lots of powdered sugar to keep the marshmallow from stickifying the world!

The marshmallow was a bit thicker than my cutter, so I just had to manipulate it and push on the bottom to get the shape right.

And I still made some boring ones too- because there aint nothin boring about homemade marshmallows!

Now to make these extra-special!

I just melted some chocolate…

And one-by-one these guys took a bath. A bath that rendered them delicious.

Aww look at frosty standing proud!

And this cute little candy cane hangs perfectly off your mug!

I stuck em in the fridge for around 5 minutes to harden up the chocolate.

And then they were ready for bath # two… and a timely demise!

Don’t get too comfortable in that hot tub, young marshmallows!

This child may look cute, but he is a killer. He downed that snowman in minutes flat!

But we have to do the baby test right?! Well I guess he’s a toddler, but he is a shrimp and I’m not due with baby #5 until next year, so he is still a baby…

A marshmallow-testing baby!

He likes it!!! (surprise). Man I hope you all realize the sacrifice my family is going thru to bring you these 12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities! We are all gonna have blood-sugar issues after this! Ha! It’s worth it!

For the rest of my snacktivities, check out this picture link here:

12 days of Christmas Snacktivities

And check back for the nest 5 days for more quick, fun, easy, and festive ideas!

Happy Marshmallow Drowning!



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  2. nat says:

    holy link is so cute!!! seriouslyyyyy, keep fattening him up with marshmallows so levi will have a shot at a couple ladies 😛

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