Christmas Bugle “Ice Cream Cones” *12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities Day 1*

On the first day of Christmas Snacktivities my true love gave to meeeeeeeeee:


The cutest lil ice cream cones made from…


BUGLES!!!!!! Those salty, crispy, delightful snacks, or ‘witch flakes’ as my son calls them, or ‘tornado chips’ as my daughter calls them. Whatever you call em, there is one thing that they are lacking… and I’m not talking about a baby in no shirt and overalls…I’m talkin…


SUG-ARRRRRRRRR. Sugar. In particular, white chocolate and gum drops.


Oh, and mini marshmallows.  These are so easy… get used to me saying that. These little treats I will be sharing are so. incredibly. simple. No baking required… minimal mess. Now you have no excuse for not letting the kids help 😉

Step 1: Shove a mini marshmallow into a bugle. You might have to squish it and manipulate it a bit, depending on the size of the bugle opening.


Step 2: Melt some white chocolate chips, chunks or melting wafers in a microwave-safe bowl in 20 second increments until they are just melted. Then proceed to dip your marshmallow-stuffed bugles into their sugary bath of love.


Step 3: Lay your freshly-dipped ‘ice cream cone’ on a parchment paper-lined tray. How cute is this??? Definitely needs a cherry on top though 😉


Step 4: There! These would be cute and extra-tasty with some M&Ms (or Smarties for the Canadians) on top, but I had gumdrops, so gumdrops we used!


Step 5: Involve the kids. They are cheap labor perfect little helpers.


After you’ve made a pile of these babies, wait for them to dry- or stick em in the fridge for 10 minutes.


I don’t think I need to say it, because it is blatantly obvious, but these things are ADDICTIVE. The salty-sweet combo is over-the-top- even better than a chocolate- covered pretzel or my delicious bacon jam.

Let’s see what the kids think…




Well that looks like a party in their mouths! SUCCESS!

And so ends Day 1 of my 12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities! Remember to check in every day for the next 11 days- you can even subscribe to my blog (on the right side of this page) so you don’t miss one! By December 12th I will have a nice lil table of contents for easy access- just click this beautiful image for that:

12 days of Christmas Snacktivities


Happy Christmas-Treating!



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4 Responses to Christmas Bugle “Ice Cream Cones” *12 Days of Christmas Snacktivities Day 1*

  1. Patch says:

    Are they making them in their pj’s? That would happen here too lol! Don’t think I can get bugles here… Wonder what I could use instead???

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are so stinking creative! I love it…cannot wait for tomorrow!

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