Creative Blog-Hop!

Hi guys! A friend nominated me to take part in this fun blog hop, where I answer some questions and pass you along to some other cool creators! Thanks so much to the loverly and talented Bri from Baubles and Blessings for inviting me to join her! 

What am I working on?

Well, mainly I am working on keeping my kids alive, and myself sane, and it is working out for the most part. 

Creative-wise, at this moment, I am working on two paintings! 

Firstly I am creating one of my Four Seasons Button Trees:


This baby will be up for sale during The Northern Collective‘s September sale on the 2nd! If you haven’t checked out TNC you are missing out! 

And secondly, I have started the background for a painting like these:



I am leaving the animals off for now, because I want to sell this as a customizable painting! You pick the animals and the number of them 😀 

This custom painting will be up for auction over at The Whimsy Willows, which is an awesome group of crafters, who are having me sell with them every second thursday of the month! So on Sept 11, pop in to bid if you’d like a custom family button tree painting 😀 

How does my creative process work?

Well, firstly I get inspired, which often happens while I am sleeping, or showering, which are the only times I have time to think in a day! I then proceed to procrastinate ‘important’ tasks, like attacking the unending pile of autism paperwork for my boys, or cleaning, and get to work as soon as my 5 little munchkins are in bed!  Next I get in the zone, and just create- like God- growing trees, and naming animals. What fun! Okay I’m not really like God, but a girl can dream, right? 

This is a continuous blog hop hosted by different artists/bloggers every week. In the next week or so, I’ll be passing the torch to two of my absolute fave Canadian crafters! Kristy over at Honey Lime Designs, and Jody over at Penguin and Owl Acres! 


About Busted Button

Where Creativity and A.D.D. meet…on a blind date…under a bridge…and make a baby.
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2 Responses to Creative Blog-Hop!

  1. Flora M says:

    I enjoyed your humorous peek into your “days” 🙂

  2. Thanks for playing along, Dot, and for your very kind words! 😀

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